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The most recent 100 Articles

11/22/17: the rambling boy
11/22/17: golliver – thankful
11/22/17: the money man
11/22/17: dick decent – fly swatter
11/22/17: correspondence
11/22/17: Arrestadas 41 personas en una batida de drogas realizada por el DPS
11/22/17: Number of Pecos-area tremors in 2017 surpass previous 10-year total
11/22/17: Fullymaxxed releases new album today, Wednesday, November 22
11/22/17: Issues at Hunter Gym addressed, restoration in foreseeable future
11/22/17: Cartels hamper Tarahumara school work, but donations still needed
11/22/17: Meth seizures, ODs, and child endangerment issues preceding drug action
11/22/17: FBI announces $25,000 for information in BP agent’s death
11/20/17: BP spokesman says cause of agents’ injuries still unknown
11/20/17: U.S. Border Patrol agent Rogelio Martinez
11/17/17: DPS drug sweep snares tri-county residents
11/16/17: Un perro de la Patrulla Fronteriza da la alerta de más de 227 libras de cannabis
11/16/17: La Patrulla Fronteriza de Midland detiene a unos inmigrantes indocumentados y se incauta de marihuana
11/16/17: La Patrulla Fronteriza del Sector del Big Bend detiene a 100 inmigrantes indocumentados y se incauta de 454 kilos de cannabis
11/16/17: La Patrulla Fronteriza arresta a múltiples sospechosos en una conspiración para transportar indocumentados
11/16/17: Muere el empresario ojinaguense Jesús Rohana y su esposa Cinthia Muñoz de Rohana en accidente automovilístico
11/16/17: Ballroom Marfa names Laura Copelin as Executive Director
11/16/17: el vato loco
11/16/17: news for veterans
11/16/17: Marfa featured in Hamilton Leithauser’s latest music video
11/16/17: Presidio men announce for county judge
11/16/17: First Flight basing air ambulance at Alpine Casparis Airport
11/16/17: Cars are canvass for ArtWalk featured artist
11/16/17: Public weighs in on proposed parking ordinance
11/16/17: New voting machines more trustworthy, user-=friendly, county officials say
11/16/17: Issues at Hunter Gym addressed, restoration in foreseeable future
11/16/17: rambling boy
11/16/17: golliver – who can you believe?
11/16/17: high desert sketches
11/16/17: dick decent – formidable adversary
11/16/17: correspondence
11/15/17: Muere el empresario ojinaguense Jesús Rohana y su esposa Cinthia Muñoz de Rohana en accidente automovilístico
11/15/17: Prominent Ojinaga businessman and wife killed in traffic accident
11/14/17: City of Marfa Ordinance No. 17-09 Parking Ordinance
11/14/17: Marfa Parking Committee parking recommendations
11/13/17: Marfa City Council Meeting, November 14, 2017
11/09/17: La Patrulla Fronteriza acoge una sesión sobre la violencia fronteriza junto con cuerpos policiales mexicanos y estadounidenses
11/09/17: México desvía el tráfico de transmigración a través del puerto de Presidio
11/09/17: Arresta FBI en Cuauhtémoc a pedófilo y líder de secta
11/09/17: Fort Bliss officer is guest speaker at Fort Davis Veterans Day ceremony Saturday
11/09/17: MHS grad, Marine veteran is keynote speaker at Veterans Day observance Friday
11/09/17: Retired Navy commander is guest speaker at Veterans Day observance Friday
11/09/17: el vato loco
11/09/17: steve’s funny column
11/09/17: the rambling boy
11/09/17: golliver – NRA
11/09/17: the money man
11/09/17: dick decent – time to work out
11/09/17: Leveling the playing field: two girls are Shorthorn football players
11/09/17: Marfa coach and wife are new gym owners
11/09/17: Border Patrol hosts border violence session with Mexican, American law enforcement
11/09/17: Commissioners scrap old voting machines, contract for new electronic versions
11/09/17: Mexico diverts transmigrant traffic through Presidio port
11/09/17: Pipeline protesters avoid felonies in plea deal
11/09/17: correspondence
11/02/17: Marfa Live Arts screens “Columbus” on Monday
11/02/17: Award-winning documentary screens this evening in Marfa
11/02/17: Plant ecology workshop at Chinati Saturday
11/02/17: History of Fort Davis’ Chihuahua neighborhood subject of meeting Saturday
11/02/17: Alpine library host writing workshop
11/02/17: Big Bend Chamber Music presents guitar ensemble and Molly Ferguson
11/02/17: Harvest Bowl food pantry fundraiser in Fort Davis
11/02/17: Talk on Islam at Building 98
11/02/17: Texas Master Naturalists presents lecture next Thursday
11/02/17: Unos agentes de la Patrulla Fronteriza del Big Bend arrestan a unos delincuentes sexuales condenados
11/02/17: Hernández dimite como comisionado del condado
11/02/17: La próxima semana comienza el plazo para los candidatos que se presentan a puestos en el condado
11/02/17: Election Day Tuesday, early voting ends Friday
11/02/17: Safety drives new U.S. 67 traffic study
11/02/17: Candidate filing window opens next week for county offices
11/02/17: Marfa City Council revisits possible parking ordinance
11/02/17: $28,000 in voting machines purchased without court approval
11/02/17: from the editor’s desk
11/02/17: steve’s funny column
11/02/17: the rambling boy
11/02/17: gollever – extradition tower
11/02/17: high desert sketches
11/02/17: dick decent: world series
11/02/17: correspondence
11/02/17: Hernandez resigns as county commissioner
10/26/17: Halloween fun in Presidio this weekend
10/26/17: Serrano qualifies for state XC meet
10/26/17: Football Shorthorns begin district action Friday
10/26/17: Lady Shorthorns on cusp of district title
10/26/17: Blue Devils XC team heads to state a fourth time
10/26/17: Lady Blue Devils make school history as XC team advances to state
10/26/17: Incautada cocaína y un hombre es arrestado en el puerto de Presidio
10/26/17: Reducidas las condiciones de libertad para Nieto
10/26/17: Una fábrica de chiles inicia sus actividades en Presidio
10/26/17: Herrera
10/26/17: Molinar
10/26/17: Venegas
10/26/17: Hernandez
10/26/17: Big Bend Chamber Music concert is Friday
10/26/17: Plant ecology workshop at Chinati
10/26/17: Fort Davis library to offer Halloween treats

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