Noticias Breves

PRESIDIO- The Presidio ISD Department of Public Safety police department is now offering students and their families an anonymous reporting app to create a safer place to learn.

“I am happy to announce that our “STOPit” app is now online for Presidio ISD, said Chief Joel Nuñez Jr.

STOPit is an app that allows students, staff and parents to communicate anonymously with our police Officers directly.

Now in addition to our anonymous reporting system online, you can use your phone to report incidents such as bullying, assaults, drug activities, campus concerns and safety concerns on your campuses.

This information goes straight to police officer phones and DPS dispatch directly. We will then assign an officer to investigate the concern. Concerned individuals can report freely without worrying about identity. Within the app, we can also provide links and references to other agencies for assistance.

We are very interested in providing the best protection and safety to our students. Communication is the very best way for us to be active where we are needed most. This app will allow the user to send messages, pictures and submit reports anonymously.

This is a completely new system at Presidio ISD in the interest of safe schools and safe community.

We will share this information along with login and passwords with our students the first day of school.

When we have the information, we can do something, Nuñez said.