Alpine mayor charged over Facebook photo

ALPINE – Alpine Mayor Andy Ramos said this week a Class C misdemeanor citation for an alleged “pornographic” photograph on Facebook he sent to a woman was not intentional.

An email to the Big Bend Sentinel this week alleges that “an Alpine resident” received “a private message via Facebook from the mayor” on March 23 that contained “a hardcore pornographic photograph.”

Brewster County Sheriff Ronny Dodson, on receiving word of the complaint , filed the citation against the mayor on Monday. The state Penal Code, chapter 43.22, Obscene Display or Distribution says, “A person commits an offense if he intentionally or knowingly displays or distributes an obscene photograph, drawing or similar visual representation or other obscene material and is reckless about whether a person is present who will be offended or alarmed by the display or distribution.”

“She received an apology. End of story, it’s closed,” Ramos said. “It’s like a traffic ticket, nothing more. Everything has been resolved and it wasn’t anything intentional.”

Justice of the Peace Gilbert Valenzuela said it was a “group email that was sent to men, not women. A few women saw it.”