For now, killing of wild burros have stopped

Reports of wild burro killings have ceased following an article published in the Jeff Davis County Mountain Dispatch last week. Last month, 10 or more burros had been killed in the Davis Mountain Resort, which resulted in residents putting up a $4,000 reward and placing ads in local newspapers that sought information as to who was committing these acts of violence.

In terms of legality, there is not much that can be done, since burros are not considered a game animal, according to Jeff Davis County Game Warden Stephen Boultinghouse.

“We need a credible witness,” explained Jeff Davis County Sheriff Bill Kitts. This is because the act of killing a wild burro is not illegal. However, if the shooting took place near the vicinity of a house, or if a person is nearby that could have been in the path of the bullet, then it could be considered a crime, according to Sheriff Kitts.

According to a spokesperson with Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue, a San Angelo based organization that provides a safe environment to wild burros under the threat of destruction, they are actively working with someone in the area.