letters to the editor

Dear editor, At the first of September, Presidio County Commissioner’s Court closed the Office of Budget Management to save money. Apparently, there was no plan in place to move forward. During a later court meeting it was on the agenda to redistribute the duties of OMB office but again no plan was in place. There was only discussion. When I asked the treasurer what was happening in regard to duties of OMB she said they were working on it but didn’t know the head of the office would quit so soon.  During a commissioner’s court meeting a little over a week ago, duties were divided between the auditor’s office and the treasurer’s office.  At that time, it was brought up there was money budgeted to hire another person for the auditor’s office. My understanding was that closing OMB was to save money and not hire anyone but distribute duties among existing employees. If we only need one more employee why didn’t the court just RIF one employee in OMB and keep what was in place?  One of the reasons OMB was put in place was to help with the annual audits, which had not been good. Grant compliance was not being done correctly because there wasn’t enough time or help to get the job done. If anyone was at fault it was commissioners court, me included, because we weren’t aware of the requirements needed. During this period, the District Judge appointed an auditor to oversee county finance, I believe with a budget of over $100,000. With the OMB office in place I believe this year’s outside audit will be a very good one. If the county has a good audit, my question is this: with an office like OMB in place and the county taking responsibility for the finances, do we still need an office that doesn’t answer to commissioner’s court?

Frank “Buddy” Knight Precinct 4 commissioner-elect Marfa

Dear editor, My support for Gina Ortiz Jones for the office of US Representative for District 23 is based on her qualifications, education and experience. Gina Ortiz Jones is a first generation American and Iraq War veteran. She served with honor in high levels of US Intelligence in the Air Force. Gina Ortiz Jones supports responsible gun ownership. She does not want to take away citizens’ rights to owning guns. Gina Ortiz Jones will fight to protect access to affordable healthcare for all, while fighting to lower the costs of prescription drugs. Gina Ortiz Jones supports high quality public education for children and understands the importance of education as key to a better future. Please, seriously consider voting for this outstanding candidate on November 6. Sincerely,

Genie Mitchell Fort Davis