Presidio officials meet Hurd at DQ town hall gathering

MARFA – The Marfa Dairy Queen helped feed the politically hungry last Saturday evening.

Will Hurd is running a campaign to hold onto his congressional seat in the 23rd district against political newcomer, military veteran and Democrat Gina Ortiz Jones. Hurd is expected to make 38 stops on this foray into his district leading up to the November general election, and when possible, meet his constituents at the iconic Texas Dairy Queens in what he’s coined “Will Hurd’s DC2DQ”.

Hurd spoke in front of a crowd of more than 30 people who sat at tables around the restaurant, where he laid out his political vision built on bipartisanship. “I’m the only Republican who has to talk to Democrats,” said Hurd, as he explained the unique makeup of the district that is evenly split between Democrats and Republicans.

Hurd’s speech was short, and focused primarily on immigration, technology and infrastructure. Hurd, who worked in the Central Intelligence Agency for nearly decade, has represented the district since 2014.

In the last four years, he has built relations with the city of Presidio and Presidio County, and during his speech he expressed the importance of improving the Presidio–Ojinaga International Bridge, which is being expanded to four from two lanes and rebuilding the railroad bridge between Presidio and Ojinaga.

A contingent of Presidio officials and residents made the trip to Marfa to meet their congressman, including city Administrator Jose Portillo and his wife, Laura, a Presidio ISD public school educator; Brad Newton, the city’s economic development director; Ruben Rodriguez, the new Presidio County Republican Party chairman, along with past-president Todd Beckett.

Representing the county were Judge Cinderela Guevara and Commissioner-elect Buddy Knight.

Rick Treviño, who ran against Gina Ortiz Jones in the Democratic primary and is now a teacher at Marfa ISD, posed a question to Hurd regarding his stance on making public universities tuition free, a question that was proffered by some of his students. In response Hurd plainly said that there is no way to do that.

Gregory Romeu, a Presidio resident, intends to vote for Hurd in November and sees Hurd’s approach to politics as beneficial to both the district and the country.

The election for the 23rd congressional district takes place on November 6.