Libertarian Senate candidate to hold meet-and-greet here Tuesday

Noticias Breves

PRESIDIO – Neal Dikeman, the Libertarian Party candidate for US Senate, holds a meet-and-greet event at 8am on Tuesday, October 2nd at The Bean Café in Presidio.

The Houstonian is in a three-way race for the junior senator post from Texas with incumbent US Sen. Ted Cruz and El Paso Congressman Beto O’Rourke, the admitted stars of the political contest.

Dikeman was on the campaign in Far West Texas earlier this year and he explained he and his fellow Libertarians are running a marathon and not a sprint, making converts from voters who want a different choice of donkey and elephant.

No Libertarian has ever won a statewide race in Texas, but in some cases they become a spoiler, taking votes from both, or one of the main-party candidates, according to the Texas Tribune.

“That’s my whole goal,” Dike-man says of a close finish between Republicans and Democrats. “If that happens, they’ll have to change their game next time.”

For example, two years ago, according to the Tribune, in the state’s Far West Texas 23rd Congressional District, Republican Will Hurd beat Democrat Pete Gallego by 3,051 votes. Ruben Corvalan, a Libertarian, got 10,862 votes. In a race without a Libertarian, where would those voters have landed?