8th Grade Algebra and RTI math teacher named Teacher of the Month

Teacher of the month for LRFMS.is Azucena Olivas.

Azucena is a graduate of Presidio High School and a teacher for Presidio ISD for 9 years, going on 10. She is an extraordinary and dedicated Algebra and RTI math teacher. As a teacher for LRFMS, Azucena sets high, but not unreasonable standards for her students by giving them the tools to succeed. Her students are motivated and intellectually stimulated in her classroom and her successful teaching techniques are reflected in her students STAAR tests. Last year due to her persistence and excellent teaching she was able to prepare her students and achieve 100% on the 2018 STAAR Algebra exams. As an insightful educator, Mrs. Olivas recognizes early on when a student is struggling in her class and she takes the necessary steps to give the student extra help and meets with parents to keep them informed of their child’s learning and success. She cares deeply about each student in her class and works hard to make sure no one is left behind.

As well as a dedicated teacher she is also a team player. Very easy going but unafraid to give her opinion of what she feels is necessary for student and campus success.

Having an individual such as Mrs. Olivas as one of my teachers at LRFMS has made my job as a campus leader and facilitator easy and exciting.

Once again, Azucena Olivas LRFMS Teacher of the Month