Student of the Month for LRFMS is Clarissa Villagran

Few students personify the qualities one must have in order to become a success in life.

Even fewer can boast that they possess those qualities while being wholly independent and intrigued. A student of Presidio is someone that is not only prepared to face the challenges in life after graduation, but is also someone that exemplifies excellence and tradition, in a way that is certainly relevant to the times. The eighth grade teaching team is proud to nominate one such student, who we unanimously believe is a student who demonstrates all of these qualities and more. We are proud to nominate Clarisa Villagran as our Student of the Month.

Clarisa is a very inquisitive student who takes her learning seriously; she is certainly one who believes that studying takes more than just taking everything at face value, one must also question everything in order to reach an understanding and learning. She is active not only inside the classroom but outside as well: she regularly participates in all school and district activities such as the STEM competition, the UIL competition as well as being a regular member of the middle school sports teams. One can say that Clarisa is a regular jack-of-all-trades, but that would be inaccurate. Instead we can confidently say that Clarisa is the whole package: a student that is independent, active, intelligent, hard-working, athletic, and driven. Most of all she is a student that fills her teachers with pride. Without any doubt, Clarisa is deserving of this award and we are proud to nominate her as the student of the month.

She is the daughter of Adrian and Adriana Villagran of Candelaria.