Ivette Lujan is the new Victims’ Assistant for Presidio County

PRESIDIO – Ivette Lujan has been hired by Presidio County Attorney Rod Ponton as the new Victims’ Assistant.

Lujan will be responsible for providing direct services to victims of crime in Presidio County. She will initiate contact and establish working relationships with Prosecuting Attorneys’ offices and serve as a Liaison with local Police, Sheriff Department, Non-profit Agencies, State and local Agencies and Schools.  

 Mrs. Lujan will participate i n Awareness Presentations to Schools and the community  on Victims’ Rights and support available for victims of crime, as well as to provide support needed for the victims to live a dignified and safe life.

Lujan first served as victims assistant in the County Attorney’s office during the years 2004 -2007 this is her second chance to serve and improve the lives of Presidio County Residents whom are being victims of Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault and other Crimes in the Area.

For more information or to contact Lujan, please call 432-229-2211.