Mystery surrounds deaths of two U.S. couples in Mexico near border

MANUEL BENAVIDES, CHIH., MEXICO – Funeral services were held yesterday for an Odessa couple who were found shot to death near the Mexican community of Manuel Benavides, across the Rio Grande and inland south of Lajitas.

Jorge Luis Suchil, 52, and his wife Rebecca Caballero Suchil, 52, were found dead along with Mr. Suchil’s sister, Rita Suchil Aceves, 68, and her husband Humberto Aceves, 66, both of Phoenix, Arizona.

According to a law enforcement source, the four were found at a ranch near Manuel Benavides. The two couples had gone to the Odessa couple’s ranch near Manuel Benavides to spend the New Year’s holiday.

It is believed that they were killed on New Year’s Eve as that is the last time anyone heard from them when they told family members they were making the Mexican dish of menudo and when found by a relative, the ingredients for the dish were found on the stove uncooked.

After having no contact from either couple, a nephew from Ojinaga was dispatched on Monday, January 14 to check on them. As he arrived in the community, he was confronted with many police as one of the women’s body had been found. The nephew told the authorities that something might be going on at the ranch, and when authorities and the nephew arrived at the ranch, no one was there, although the uncooked meal was on the stove.

The nephew saddled a horse and went in search of his relatives. He found the two men shot dead near a water well. The body of the other woman was found a day later on Tuesday, January 15.

Mexican authorities are investigating the murders, but as of this week no suspects had been arrested.

According to an obituary in the Odessa American, Jorge Luis Suchil was born in Mexico, his wife Rebecca was born in Alpine and they married in Fort Stockton in 1989.

Both Rebecca and Jorge Suchil loved ranching, the great outdoors and music, according to their obituary. Becky was known for naming their cattle. Jorge was intrigued by Norteño music and loved to sing. Their children and grandchildren were very dear to them and they built their lives around their family and their ranch. They are survived by three daughters and three grandchildren, several brothers and sisters.