Former Presidio High School student assists pediatric surgical team in Guatemala

PRESIDIO, GUATEMALA – Mayra Levario, a former student at Presidio High School traveled to Guatemala to help doctors and dentists provide care in the central American country.

The young woman said she had just returned from Guatemala with a pediatric surgical team, and that they had worked at Hospital Hilario Galindo.

Levario said, “I feel thankful and lucky for witnessing the miracle work these amazing professionals did. Especially thankful for working with Dr. Jed Nuchtern, Harvard Med school graduate and former chief of general pediatric surgery at Texas Children’s Hospital who took the time to teach me in and out of the OR.” In total the group gave over 100 wheelchairs, did over 100 pediatric surgeries, and provided dental care to over 100 dental patients as a team.

In a post on social media, Levario shared words from the former First Lady Michelle Obama, “You can’t change the world, but you can work to make the world what it should be.”