Presidio County Underground Water Conservation District welcomes new board member from Presidio

PRESIDIO COUNTY – The Presidio County Underground Water Conservation District (PCUWCD) welcomes Mr. Ruben Brito, who was appointed by the Presidio County Commissioners Court earlier this month to the southern Presidio County seat on the Board of Directors formerly held by Mr. J.B. Baeza. Mr. Brito is a native of Presidio and runs a livestock transport and export business. In explaining wh y he joined the District’s Board of Directors, Mr. Brito stated “I was born in Presidio County, raised in Presidio County, and hope to die in Presidio County and I hope to God the water doesn’t run out.” As a director of the PCUWCD, he will work to ensure that that doesn’t happen. The PCUWCD Board held its third meeting of the year this past Thursday, March 14 at 10am in the Jury Room of the Presidio County Courthouse in Mar-fa. All five directors, including David Williams, Patt Sims, Vicky Carrasco, Ruben Brito, and Chairman Trey Gerfers, as well as General Manager Carolyn Macartney were in attendance.

The Board reviewed District hydro-geologist Allan Standen’s list of potential wells to be included in its voluntary well-level monitoring program and decided to focus its limited resources on 5 or 6 wells in strategic locations throughout the County as a first step. The next step will involve contacting those well owners and opening a dialog about the feasibility of monitoring their well levels. Once permission has been secured from the well owners, appropriate monitoring equipment will be procured. The voluntary well-level monitoring program will provide new data on water levels that can be cross-referenced with corresponding historic data where it exists to generate a more complete picture of aquifer levels over time, and even more importantly, moving forward. In the words of Mr. Standen, “Collecting water levels is the most important function of a groundwater district. Without this information, no groundwater management for the future can occur.” The well-level monitoring program is completely voluntary and participating landowners will not be required to pay anything. Any landowners who would like to have their well levels monitored are kindly requested to contact General Manager Carolyn Macartney at 432.295.2568 or email [email protected].

The next meeting of the Presidio County Underground Water Conservation District will be held on Thursday, April 11 at 2 PM in the Jury Room at the Presidio County Courthouse in Marfa.