Mexican Consulate gives books to children on Día de Los Niños, Día de Los Libros

PRESIDIO The Mexican celebration of Day of children, day of books, was celebrated at the Presidio Public Library last week and was co-hosted by members of theMexican Consulate in Presidio.

The children in attendance celebrated the day and were given books as gifts.

During the event, Assigned Consul Francisco Javier Jacobi Duran urged all institutions to promote fraternity and understanding towards the young children as well as to develop activities for the promotion of their welfare and their rights.

“As every year, it is a great pleasure to have the presence of the people that make up the Consulate, and as always we thank them for working together for our children,” shared Carmen Elguezabal, Director of the Public Library.

The Consul welcomed those present and then placed himself in the common reading area where he narrated a children’s story and thus had the opportunity to “transport children to other places, since their imagination is unlimited.”

Finally, with great enthusiasm, he thanked the presence of each one of the participants for through these community events the traditions that enrich us as a society are encouraged and preserved.

“As always, it is an honor to count on our guests and what better way to do so than with all the little ones, who day after day brighten up our lives and bring out the best in each one of us, seeing them with hope and an infinite smile on their faces. This day was celebrated in a very special way and we, as adults, must celebrate the child that we all have inside,” said Elguezabal.