Sponsors needed for Presidio local scholarships

PRESIDIO – Attention all Presidio Blue Devils, past and present! We need your help in funding local scholarships for the PHS graduating Class of 2019. Whether you are an individual, organization, or business, local or not, your help in providing a small donation or scholarship to our college-bound seniors is needed and greatly appreciated. Since 2000, every graduating class from Presidio High School has been helped by the Presidio Local Scholarships Program, and we plan to do our best for this year’s graduates, again. If you are interested in contributing to the fund or sponsoring a scholarship, please direct all inquiries to the Presidio Education Foundation website at presidioef.org. You may make your donation either online or by mail. For further information, you may also email members Brian Vasquez, [email protected], and Vicky Carrasco, [email protected].