Letters to the editor

Dear editor,

After a town hall with Justin Amash, the only Republican who has advocated impeachment hearings of Donald Trump, a woman in the audience admitted she had not been aware of any nefarious deeds by Trump. It is absolutely amazing that the “no collusion, no obstruction” lie repeated ad nauseum by Trump, Fox “News” and, more recently, by the Attorney General of the United States has warped the ability of average Americans to see the truth.

Just over two years ago reports surfaced that a handful of people associated with Trump or his campaign had had contacts with Russians. As we know, everyone associated with Trump, Pence, etc., denied those reports. Some of those people are now in jail (or have been or will soon be) because of their lies. By January, 2019 the number of verified contacts with Russians was just over 100. The Mueller Report showed the number of verified contacts had increased to over 140. Do no Republicans think there is something strange about all those contacts? And the lies surrounding them?

The Mueller Report also documented at least 10 examples of Trump obstructing Mueller’s investigation. Around 1,000 current and former U.S. attorneys have signed on to a letter stating that if Trump were not president he would be in jail, charged with obstruction and other crimes. By ordering his entire administration not to comply with legal congressional subpoenas Trump is obstructing justice every single day and openly displaying his contempt of congress, both in the articles of impeachment of Richard Nixon.

A recent poll indicated that 76 percent of Democrats are now in favor of beginning the impeachment process. And, I submit, if the Democratic leadership (Nancy Pelosi) does not very soon find the courage to do what’s right and begin that process, significant numbers of that 76 percent may start to lose their enthusiasm for voting. With an unpopular candidate for president in 2016 several million Democrats stayed home. Can we risk millions of Dems staying home in 2020 because of uncourageous Democratic leadership?

Fred Gossien


Dear editor,

Good Americans

Another attention diverting tantrum announced Mexican tariffs. Tariffs become a tax on consumers for enumerated goods. Financial markets react downward. GOP hand-wringers feign disappointment in Trump. Continues insulting or demeaning those ‘crossing’ him. The familiar cycle repeats.

Tired yet?

Robert Mueller addressed his report, which AG Barr wrongfully commandeered and obfuscated. The president has NOT been exonerated. Even Judge Napolitano of Fox News said the report shows “classic obstruction of justice”, https://www.foxnews.com/politics/judge-andrew-napolitano-mueller-report-shows-classic-obstruction-of-justice. Congress must respond pursuant to the constitution.

Most conservative media and Administration officials played Big Brother double-speak. However, a large group of former GOP governmental officials called for Trump’s impeachment. More Dems have joined, pushing Speaker Pelosi.

Our “Independent judiciary as a co-equal branch of government” is trampled — again. Contemptuously, the Justice Department refused a Court’s order to produce an unredacted copy of the Mueller Report. This career prosecutor wouldn’t have made it to retirement doing that to a judge.

Homeland Security/ICE crowded 900 immigrants into a Texas facility designed for 125! We’re a dog-whistle away from locked boxcars to Death Camps.

Administration barbarism has been marginalizing brown-skinned people to facilitate “Zero Tolerance” cruelty awaiting those coming here. Crimes against humanity; in the name of ALL Americans are committed daily by Trump-Pence.

We’ve a constitutional crisis. It will resolve when Americans wake-up to the fact its happening before our eyes. Better not be tired!

Good Germans didn’t want to believe it could happen, all-the-while it was. Are we ‘good’ Americans, too?

Sincerely yours,

Rev. Barry Abraham Zavah