The rain came again, thanks to Ralph

MARFA – Perhaps you had doubts; sure Mr. May brought the rain last year but that might have been just luck. Well ye unbelievers Mr. May returned to Marfa last Thursday night and I am pretty sure we all know what has been going on since then… Rain, Rain, and more Rain.

It is true that desperate times called for desperate measures. Anyone living here the past six months has chocked on dust, hurt their back while hauling hoses, and shaken their fists at all the clouds that stayed on the horizon. So, I took it upon myself to fetch dad from his central Texas abode, accompany him on that eight hour journey west, get him situated and hinted to him that moisture from the sky would be most welcome.

Creeks are flowing, frogs are singing, weeds are rampaging and the night sky is lit by flashes of lightening. It is summer, a month early and well yes, Rain Man Ralph is back in town.