City manager appoints Mandy Roane to position of director of community services

MARFA – Marfa City Manager John Washburn has appointed Marfa Library Director Mandy Roane to the newly created position of director of community services. Roane will take the lead role in management of library, senior nutrition and visitor & tourism services as well as oversee the city’s media and communications, grant writing and administration tasks. The change to the organizational chart of the city was approved unanimously by city council at the March 10 council meeting. Additionally, the position of assistant to the city manager will be removed from the city’s organization chart.

Roane, who has been at the library for seven years, is excited about the new position. “I’m looking forward to working more closely with the council, administration and staff as well as the community to enhance our outreach and provide the best services possible,” she said.

Washburn indicated that observing her skills and abilities over the last several months and then reviewing her experience and education made him realize she was likely capable of much more than the city was asking of her. He said, “I also then realized if I couple that with her knowledge of and experience in the community, we had a solid opportunity to improve our delivery of services to the citizens of Marfa.”