Dispatches from Journalism Class

Prom 2021 approaches

By Andru

Prom this year is on May 15 at the Sentinel, a new venue in town. This year’s prom may be different from other years due to COVID restrictions. At least we have prom this year, though, and it wasn’t canceled like last year!

The Sentinel will not be charging the school for hosting the prom. This is kind of them, especially because the City of Marfa refused all potential prom venues owned by the city. All other venues were either already booked or too expensive.

The theme of the prom is to be determined. Some of the juniors, who are in charge of planning the prom and the theme of it, have been keeping the theme a tightly-guarded secret. This reporter, however, has a scoop that it’s luxury-themed.

Face masks will be required, and the venue is indoor/outdoor. The chaperones will be Mrs. Donaldson, Ms. Powers and Mrs. Mackie, but we may get more adults to volunteer. People from out of town will be allowed, but you have to ask Mrs. Gomez and Mrs. Scott for details. Prom tickets are free for all students ninth through 12th grades.

Finally, this reporter will be going alone. Marco will be taking Lesly. Nate asked Ivette at the Van Horn track meet in a big romantic gesture. Finally, Liani will be taking a friend. Taylynn is skipping out this year. Tony hasn’t asked Alexa yet.


Hunter Gym restoration

By Dustin

The Hunter Gym is a historic location in Marfa, Texas. The gym itself needs a lot of work if we want to try to restore it and be able to use it again –– and not just for a storage room!

Hunter Gym is closed because they painted it with weird paint and filled up the windows and all the moisture from the sweat and the showers in the locker couldn’t get out. This made the walls nasty, and they started to deteriorate. There is also a huge bump all the way across the middle of the court.

I think that the school should make an attempt at fixing Hunter Gym so we can have another gym to play in or use as a practice gym and not just throw junk in there like there is right now (this reporter was inside the Hunter Gym just last week, there’s a lot of junk still.)

The good news is that a new organization has been founded to fix up the gym. Friends of Hunter Gym decided that they wanted to fix up the building for free to the school. They will raise money through government and private grants.

I think the new Hunter Gym will be really nice, but I don’t think the gym will be done while I’m still in school. I’ll have to come back and visit the cool, restored building after I graduate.


Marfa Shorthorns go to Van Horn District Track Meet Friday, April 9

By Liani

The Marfa Shorthorns headed to the Van Horn District Track Meet on Friday, April 9. This reporter was very excited for the track meet, but we were missing two girls due to injuries: Ummi Chanez and Aundrea Garcia. They had to sit out the meet and were sorely missed by their teammates. We only had three girls running and five girls doing field events.

Still, we did an amazing job, and nine people advanced to the area track meet in Buena Vista on April 14, including Lesly Torres, Liani Salcido, Alexis Gonzalez, Charlize Martinez, Zach Wilson, Ian Marquez, Saul Garcia, Nathan Pena and Chris Connors.


Opinion: MHS needs a soccer team

By Marco

Marfa High School is an amazing school with amazing athletes, and  we play a lot of sports like football, basketball, softball and cross-country. But, there’s one sport that we haven’t even tried to touch: soccer.

I don’t know the reason why, but to be honest we would have some good people to make up a great soccer team –– Ethan, Juan, Isaac, ME, Levi, Johnnie, Derrick and so on. I think we could actually win games (except against Presidio, the only other school in the area that has an established soccer team).

Coach Ramirez must know how to play soccer or teach it. I really think this would be a good sport to add for fun! I mean, every year, over and over we play the same sports, so it would be nice for a change. I also have to say that I have raw talent at soccer: I’m just naturally good at it. So there should be a team.


‘Godzilla vs. Kong’ and the future of movie theaters

By Taylynn

The battle has been going on even before the movie came out –– Godzilla vs. Kong. Many people said Kong was going to win, and the rest said Godzilla was going to win. It was back and forth, who would it be?! Everyone was excitedly waiting for the movie.

The trailer had everyone wondering what was going to happen: some people thought it was going to play out like Batman v Superman, where the two of them take out another villain. Many guessed Mechagodzilla (robot-Godzilla) was going to be the villain of the story.

If you want to find out for yourself, you can go see Godzilla vs. Kong at the Rangra Theater in Alpine at 6:15 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. every night. Also, you can watch it on HBO. In my opinion, I 100% recommend watching Godzilla vs. Kong. It is action packed and it looks really good on the screen.

This reporter watched the movie on HBO, since it was in theaters and on TV at the same time due to COVID-19. The pandemic has people wondering if movie theaters might go out of business because people are watching new releases on the internet instead of going to the movie theater. I went to get answers for some questions I had about the future of movie theaters from MISD staff and students.

The first question I asked was, “Do you like going to the movie theater?” All the people I asked said yes. The interviewees do like going to the movie theater. One said, “I think the movie theater is good because of the food!”

The second question I asked was, “When was the last time you went to the Rangra?” Mrs. Mackie said, “It was February 2020, so last year.” My classmate said, “The last time I went was two or three years ago, before COVID happened.”

Finally, I asked whether these teachers and students prefer to watch movies on the internet or in the movie theater. Most everyone said they prefer to be in the movie theater more than watching the movie on the internet, but everyone also said it’s easy to watch movies at home, which makes it harder to get to Alpine to sit in the theater.


Dune buggy PSA

By Tony

This reporter was enjoying a quiet Easter on the ranch and then suddenly flipped his buggy. I was just going on about my day: telling some jokes to my family, chilling, hanging out. Then, I decided to go for a really nice smooth cruise.

I thought I was just going to chill on this drive. Then, all of a sudden, WHAM, I did a little drift. Then the drift turned into a flip, and I didn’t have the seatbelt on so I flew out of the buggy. The buggy landed upside down.

My parents saw it all, and they were really worried –– when I say my parents, I mean my entire family. I really felt bad so I put the dune buggy up after flipping it. While it was happening, I wasn’t scared ‘cause it wasn’t bad at all –– it really wasn’t a high flip, it just caught me by surprise. And for you readers, don’t worry I’m fine.

The moral of the story is: Wear your seatbelt kids!