Marfa Live Arts awards $5,000 in Crown scholarships

MARFA – Four Marfa High School graduates have been selected to receive $1,250 each in scholarship funds to assist in their pursuit of higher education. Marfa Live Arts established the Crown Scholarship in 2020 during the early months of the coronavirus pandemic; in Spanish corona means “crown.” The awards recognize graduating seniors who have excelled in both academics and in Marfa Live Arts enrichment courses such as playwriting and theater.

The 2021 Crown scholars are John Aguero, Yerania Gallegos, Henry Catching Marginot and Andrea Torres. Crown scholar students were chosen by a committee, who reviewed the applications which included essays on their prospective plans for their university years and beyond.

One of the awardees, Andrea Torres, who has been involved with Marfa Live Arts since sixth grade, including as a published playwright in their book 21 Short Plays for the 21st Century by Marfa Shorthorns (NoPassport Press), is pursuing a career in the computer science field.

“This scholarship will help me achieve my dreams in the computer science field, where I would become a videogame designer. Also being a female, I would love to be very successful in this male-dominated field. As a female in the gaming community, women aren’t really accepted or respected, and that is something that I would like to change,” Torres said. “I believe that women should be respected more in the STEM fields, and I would love to prove everyone wrong and be a well-respected female in the gaming industry and community.”

When asked about her connection to Marfa Live Arts throughout her school years, Torres remarked, “I have always loved what Marfa Live Arts has done for our school and community. I always looked forward to all of the activities they do for us every year and it has become something that I really enjoyed. Marfa Live Arts has become something that I love to be a part of, and I’m thankful for everything that they have done for me as an individual writer.”