Dispatches from journalism class 

The school year’s first “Dispatches” introduces you to MISD’s journalism class in their own words. Students interviewed each other, asking about likes and dislikes, favorite colors, best and worst experiences – whatever they thought would show you, the reader, who their interviewee really is. As the year continues, we’ll share more from journalism class. Students’ interests guide their reportage, and this year’s group is diverse in experience, age and ideas. Stay tuned!

– Ms. Powers

Carmen Cavaness (9th grade), by Tori Torres (11th grade):

Carmen is a teenager that just entered the ninth grade at Marfa ISD! She is a very bright and social person. She was eager to answer any of the questions I had to offer. “What’s your favorite TV show?” I asked, leaning into the table. “Shameless!” She shouted back in response. “It’s about a mom that abandoned her children at a very young age,” she began explaining. “And they were left to the oldest sibling to be raised. They started getting into some bad stuff, like drugs and alcohol. It’s messed up, really.” In order to bring up the mood, I decided to ask about her hobbies.

“Drawing and watching cartoons,” she said with a smile. This is something that we share an interest in. She began describing her art style as “manga-ish and cartoon-ish.” She also enjoys watching anime specifically.

To finish it off, Carmen told me she owns two dogs named Stewie and Ty. One is a corgi, and the other is an unknown mix. She really enjoys the color turquoise/cyan, and says it looks best on monsters.

Chailyn Melendez (12th grade), by Briar Phelan (9th grade)

Chailyn is a newly minted 12th grader who I interviewed a few days ago. Chailyn likes playing volleyball, which she does in her “free time.” During our interview, Chailyn said, “School is boring.” She doesn’t think her classes are interesting. Pizza is her favorite food since “you can’t go wrong.” Chailyn does not have a favorite movie, but she has three pets that entertain her plenty. Chailyn is a good student that enjoys playing sports. Chailyn carries herself with confidence yet talks in a soft tone; she’s easy to talk to and an enjoyable classmate to be around.

Febi Brimhall (12th grade), by Memo Guardiola (9th grade)

I interviewed Febi, a senior who is in my journalism class. It was awkward since I really don’t know her. I asked my first question to Febi, which was, “What’s your favorite hobby?” and she said, “Art and sports.” My second question to Febi was, ”What’s your favorite color?” and she said, ”Green.” I asked my third question, “What’s your favorite song?” She said she had too many. I asked Febi if she liked school and she said, “No.” My last question was, “What is your favorite animal?” and she said, “Panda.”

Brody Sturman (9th grade), by Kassandra Garcia (9th grade)

I interviewed an annoying loud kid named Brody. He is not the best person to interview because he talks a lot and he never listens. I kept trying to ask him questions, but all he wanted to do was talk and say, ”Kassandra, be quiet!” After about five to 10 minutes, I just stopped trying to ask him questions because I was so annoyed, and he kept repeating everything he said. While our teacher, Ms. Powers, was trying to talk to the whole class he kept laughing and saying “Kassandra.” By the time Ms. Powers was finished talking to the class I was done talking to him and the interview was over.

Memo (9th grade) by Febi (12th grade)

Yesterday morning I interviewed Gillermo, an incoming high school student, who goes by “Memo.”

I asked the new freshman, “How do you like the new school year so far?” he replied, “I’m not excited for the new year, it’s just school.”

As the interview continued, I learned that Memo used to play sports. “I used to play football, run track, cross-country, and play a little bit of baseball. I don’t play football anymore though,” he said. In retrospect, Memo didn’t say much. That might just be because he was being interviewed by a senior. All and all, welcome Memo, student of Class of ‘25.

Amber Hinojos (9th grade) by Ms. Powers (grown-up)

Amber Hinojos is a ninth grader at Marfa ISD. As her teacher, I wanted to get to know her a little better, so in our interview, I asked about her summer. “Amber, what did you do last summer!?” I shouted at her across the classroom, trying to model to my students how to conduct an interview. She looked at me. “Nothing,” she said. I looked at her, begging with my eyes. “I slept?” she said.

That gave me, at least, something to grab onto. “Did you grow?” I asked.

“Maybe a few inches,” she replied.

“What gets you out of bed, Amber?” I pleaded.


Finally, we had found something that she was interested in talking about, and the conversation flowed. Amber loves Michael Jackson and Gym Class Heroes and knows all the lyrics to “WAP.” Her mom is her biggest musical influence, and the two are very close. Unlike most teens, Amber doesn’t hate her mom, in fact, it’s the opposite! She thinks her mom rules.

Ms. Powers (age 29) by Amber (9th grade)

I recently interviewed Miss Powers, a teacher at Marfa ISD. I asked her 9 questions. The first question was, “Have you ever almost died?” She responded with “I was hospitalized for a few weeks when I was 11.” The next question was, what is your zodiac sign? “Libra.” she said. She also said her favorite colors are yellow and blue. The next question I asked was about her favorite food. She said, “Well, my favorite food is probably sushi, but I don’t have it that often.” Then she said, “But my favorite comfort food is nachos.” She couldn’t decide on her favorite movie, but the one she’s watched the most is definitely Dirty Dancing. “I’ve probably watched it over 30 times,” she answered. I asked what her least favorite movie was and she replied with “Avatar” she said she just wasn’t interested in it. I like that movie but I always fall asleep halfway through.

Brianna Sanchez (12th grade) by Tenessa Hinojos (9th grade)

I Interviewed Brianna, and it went better than I expected. Of course, I don’t mean that in a bad way, I just thought before the interview that it would be very awkward, stemming from the fact that I do not know her.

She’s a senior (lucky; I wish I could be a senior, but I still have 4 years until that happens.)

She was pretty shy but, what can I say, I am too.We started off with me asking questions like, “What is an animal you wish you could have, and money doesn’t matter?” But she replied with, “A dog because I don’t really like animals.”

I could understand because I only like dogs. Another question I asked was, “What is a place you wanna go?” Brianna replied, “Atlanta, Georgia.” Which, in my opinion, is very interesting. Because I feel like a lot of people would choose Hawaii or somewhere outside of America like Europe or Japan.

So, I did a little research on Atlanta and it’s not a bad choice for a vacation. I would like to go to Coca-Cola World and take pictures with the mascot. Even though I prefer juice over Coke, I would love to make my own flavor.

I feel like the next question is a very common question, but I still asked her what she would do with one billion dollars. She seemed to not be so sure, but she said, “Probably buy a lot of shoes because I love them.”

Overall I think the interview went well!

Tennessa (9th grade) by Brianna (12th grade)

I interviewed Tenessa Hinojos who is a freshman at Marfa ISD. I asked her a couple questions to get to know her better. I asked “What is your favorite thing to do?” She said, “Go out at night.” I asked “By yourself or with someone?” Tenessa said, “With my friends.” I asked another question, and I said “Do you own any pets?” She said, “I have a lot of dogs, fish, turtles and soon to get a gecko.” I remember thinking, “Wow, that is a lot of animals to look after. I could barely take care of one dog!”

Tenessa seemed shy, but once I began asking questions it didn’t seem like she was shy. She actually seems like a nice person. Her hair is straight to her shoulders and she has bangs. Tenessa was wearing a zip-up jacket, and I know that she likes animals because she has many of them.

Kassandra (9th grade) by Brody (9th grade)

The other day I gave my first interview, her name is Kassandra and she’s in ninth grade.

She started off being very difficult and unable to answer. The first question I asked was, “What is your favorite car?” She said, “A Lambo.” I asked why, she said, “Because they are very fast and have a beautifully designed body.” I then asked what she did over the summer, she repeated “Nothing.” I then asked Kassandra what her favourite scary movie is, and she said, “Scream.” I asked why, and she told me it’s very thrilling. Those were all the questions I asked Kassandra; she was a little shy but got comfortable.