September 8, 2022 Letters to the Editor

On the date of September 4, 2022, 9 other seniors from my class in Presidio High School decided to volunteer at Cibolo Creek Ranch in order to take advantage of an opportunity that they gave us out of their generosity.
I would like to thank the staff members and everyone that we crossed paths with a Cibolo Creek Ranch and for giving us this chance to also assist the event that was held.
I would like to thank the students that took time out of their long weekend to volunteer and work a shift of 6 hours from 2 PM to 8 PM on a Sunday regarded for family events. They dedicated their time to the task and devoted their skills to the duties at the event. I would like to point out their exceptional hardworking characteristics and teamwork skills that they showed at the event when completing the assignments that were given to them by very kind and humble staff. Tasks involved cleaning, serving, coordinating designated parking, and best of all admiring the beauty of the venue.
Because of this, I would like to recognize them and officially present their names to the public as an item of gratitude towards them for doing this for the Presidio community in representing, and for doing this for their Presidio High School Family of 2023.
Clarisa Villagran
Mia Marquez
Itzel Rubio
Victoria Corrales
Yaretzi Anaya
Jaylene Loera
Dafny Moreno
Adriana Barajas
Juan Orona
Last but not least, thank you Mr. Eric Turner and Mr. Jesus Zubia for volunteering to take us, and Dr. Laura Portillo and Ms. Hevila Ramos for organizing the coordination of the event.
Ramon Rodriguez