MISD December Journalism Dispatches Part 1


By Flavio

Christmastime is around the corner, and it’s my favorite time of year! It is also my birthday season and my classmate Zoey’s. Zoey’s birthday is on the 26th and my birthday is on January 2nd. And fellow journalism student Samantha Martinez’s birthday is the 9th. Additionally, it’s my favorite season: Winter! 

Christmas is on the 25th of December, and we get out four days before, which is expected because we have a lot of time off with the four-day weeks now, and Christmas falls on a Monday this year. Although many other area schools get out the week of Dec. 11-16, we get out the week of 18-21. 

Finals week is that last week, a stressful week before the wonderful holidays. Many have filed for exemption forms from teachers, trying to use good grades and few absences to avoid a semester final. 

Also, the NHS’s Secret Santa is underway this week, with students giving their designated secret pal one gift each day this week. I wonder what my Secret Santa is going to give me this year!

Finally, the cold has been hitting Marfa harshly this year already, with temperatures dropping below freezing some nights. This really puts a perspective on how winter is going to affect us, since we’re not technically in winter yet, not until December 22nd. Here’s hoping that winter doesn’t freeze us too much because I complained a lot this summer in the heat and often wished for this weather! I personally do like the cold, and it’s the best. Others don’t think the same. 

Another important holiday (maybe not important to everyone in America, like Christmas) is Zoey’s and my 15th birthdays! Zoey’s birthday is on December 26th and mine is on January 2nd. This will be the 15th birthday of two soul-twins born seven days apart. I want to make this birthday like no other; I plan on being with my dad and being able to be together. If you’ve seen my dad and I, we’re inseparable. Like father, like son is what they say!

Zoey also wants to spend time with her family for her birthday. In an interview, she said, “I want to spend time with people I love and have a really fun time, I don’t care to get anything special. I don’t need cake or anything, I just want my family and friends around. Also to hang with my baby sister Dallas and to just have fun!”

Fall semester recap

By Messiah and Isaiah

The semester is coming to an end, and we decided to interview students and faculty here at Marfa High School about their thoughts and experiences during the semester.

We decided to interview Ms. Powers, the art, yearbook and journalism teacher. The first question we asked was, “How did you enjoy the first semester with the four-day week?”

She responded, “Yes! I enjoyed it because I got a lot of stuff done on Fridays, like grading and getting my schedule done, getting my administrative tasks done! And, even though the school day is longer, I like the longer class period because I get more stuff done in periods.” 

The next question was, “Is there anything you would have changed or adjusted about the semester?”

She answered back, “I just wouldn’t have gotten COVID and gotten sick TWICE! And I wish I had more advanced art students in my fourth period.”

We asked next, “Any overall good memories this semester?”

She responded, “I loved having a pizza party with my amazing fifth period art I class, and I loved the river trips with Mrs. Donaldson.”

The next teacher we interviewed was Coach Luna. He is the basketball coach and football coach and the junior high history teacher.

We asked, “How did you enjoy the first semester with the four-day week?”

He answered back, “It was good, I just wish kids would actually show up more to school, but other than that, I think the four-day week is good for your mental health, and it’s also good to get a break every now and then!”

“Was there anything that you would have changed or adjusted about the semester?”

He said, “Actually, our sixth-grade class [which has 20 students] was one big class, so they separated that class into two. The schedule changed to help us, and I really appreciate it.”

We then asked for an overall good memory from this semester.

Coach Luna responded that he had “really enjoyed football season, since we really turned it around this year, and I’m enjoying basketball season so far! Also, it’s my second year of teaching so I am getting the hang of it.”

We then decided to interview senior Tony Saenz. “So what was your opinion on the four-day week schedule this semester?”

He said, “You see, it’s really nice because now I just get Friday to relax and not be stressed out over school.”

“Was there anything you would change about the semester?”

“I’m really struggling with Edmentum.”

Then, we asked his opinions on the passing period restroom rules.

Tony said, “It’s kinda dumb because if you need to go, you make up an excuse about going to another classroom, and then you end up getting ‘caught,’ then you really get in trouble for nothing because you lied in order to go to the bathroom.”

Finally, we asked, how did you enjoy your “last” first semester?

He replied, “Eh, I’m kinda just ready to get out of school.”

Next we interviewed freshman Mateo Meza.

“How did you enjoy the four-day week this semester?”

“It’s cool and all, I mean, if you have three days to rest or sleep in, IT’S AWESOME.”

Next, we asked him what his opinion on the new passing period restroom rules were.

“I hate it, it’s stupid. If they really are concerned about how students are out of class, if you’re here and you’re doing well you should be able to go to the restroom whenever you want instead of punishing everyone for a few students, that’s stupid.”

“Are there any overall good memories that you have from this semester?”

“I really have enjoyed the events we’ve had so far, like the pep rallies,” he said

Next we interviewed Chris Huerta from the sophomore class.

He said, “I like having Fridays off so I can sleep in.” 

Next, we asked him if there was anything he would’ve changed or adjusted about the school year. He said he wishes he’d “come to school earlier so I could leave school earlier.” 

As for the new rules for the passing period, Christopher said, “I think they’re absolutely stupid.”

This was the first semester ever with the new 4-day week and many people seemed to think that it’s working well so far. These reporters have also enjoyed the new schedule. 

Boys’ basketball

By Zoey and Belen

Me and Bean wrote about the boy’s basketball season so far. Basketball season started at the end of November and has been a rollercoaster. So far the boys are 4-7, but the season has just begun! We interviewed some of the boys from the Marfa Shorthorn team.

First up we interviewed senior Marco Ruiz. Our first question was, ”What are your expectations for this year’s basketball team?”

He replied, “Hopefully we make it to the playoffs and go deep into the playoffs.” 

Then we asked, “What game are you most excited for?”

He replied, “Balmorhea” with no hesitation, so we asked why. 

He said, ”Let’s just say me and Zach are gonna get our revenge, and I’m not gonna say no names, we’re just gonna get our get-back.”

He laughed after and we followed up by asking if he thought the Shorthorns will win against Balmorhea on Tuesday. He said, “Yeah!” with no hesitation and with confidence.

We then switched to a different interview tactic, asking, “What is your favorite thing about your teammates?”

He replied, “That they all buy me food and chips.”

We then asked, “What’s your least favorite thing about your teammates?”

He said, ”That they’re all annoying!”

Finally, we asked Marco about his personal basketball goals for his last season. He replied, “I want to go to the all-star basketball game and get that scholarship for Sul Ross!”

Next, we decided to interview senior Zach Wilson. We started off by asking him “What are your expectations for this year’s team?” 

He responded, “My expectation is that we’re going to win district championships and make a really good run at playoffs.” 

Quickly after, we asked him what game he was most excited for, to which he answered, “Van Horn.” 

“Why?” we asked.

He continued, “Because I feel like we are the underdogs, and they won district last year, so I feel like it’s going to be a really good game.” 

We then asked him what his personal goals are, and he quickly answered “My personal goal is to make an all-region team or MVP.”

The last question we asked Zach was, “What made you interested in basketball?” 

He replied, “I’ve always played basketball, since I was a kid, and I feel like it’s just better now because I’m playing with people that actually love basketball as much as I do.”

Next, we interviewed sophomore basketball player Alex Rodriguez. We started the interview by asking, “What are your expectations for the basketball season?”

He answered, “To make it to the playoffs,” while chuckling.

After we asked, “What are your personal goals?” 

He responded, “Just to get better, that’s it, I guess make it to the NBA.” 

Then, we asked the (by now) classic question, “What game are you most excited for?”

Alex replied, “Playoffs. District games, like the Fort Davis game, Van Horn, because we’re going to win, and we’re going to the playoffs.”

We then asked, “What is your favorite thing about your teammates?” 

He replied, “They’re fun to be around!”

“What’s your least favorite thing about them?”

He said, “That they talk too much.” 

Lastly, we interviewed former basketball player Darren Campos. We started off by simply asking how the season was going to which he replied with, “Good, I guess. I mean we were kinda on a losing streak, but the team came back and started working even harder to start winning again.” 

We then asked, “What do you think about this year’s basketball team?” while Zoey was laughing. 

Darren responded, “This year’s team is really good, they all got good, they all got a good bond working together and they have great potential to go far.” 

Then, we addressed the elephant in the room, because Zoey was laughing and Darren seemed sad, so we were not trying to avoid it anymore. Darren has been suspended from the team. We had to know more, so we asked, “So what happened?” while chuckling.

“My girlfriend was panicking because she is moving to New Mexico soon, and she was freaking out that she wasn’t going to get the chance to see me anymore. So, I had to take care of some personal business, had to go help her out, and I’m not going to do the punishment for dealing with my personal problems.” Darren had been checked out of school and driven to Dell City by Ayven and his dad to see an MJHS basketball game. He skipped some school and some practice to see his girlfriend, and he is now living with the consequences. Darren let us know it was worth it.

Most recently, the boys had a home basketball game on Tuesday against the McCamey Badgers. The game was close and had everyone standing up on their toes before the buzzer. The score was 31-32 McCamey, just one point off and a devastating loss for the Shorthorns. Our boys played hard, and freshman Ayden Alvarez got a starting spot on the team during that game. Zach Wilson and Luis Solis lead the team, and the two other seniors normally on the team sat out because of a forced suspension.