Six wildfires remain of 18 lightning fires

JEFF DAVIS COUNTY – Six wildfires were still burning Wednesday afternoon – what’s left of the 18 fires that were started by lightning Sunday night and early Monday when a hard-charging storm blew through Jeff Davis County.

Over 150 state and federal firefighters have moved into the area this week as the fires continue in very rough country both inside the loop and outside.

There have been no injuries or loss of structures with any of the fires, which are being attacked both from the air and from the ground.

Another contingency of firefighters is expected here today as the command headquarters has been set up at the Fort Davis firehall, similar to what was in place for the fire back in May. Again similar to what worked for the McDannald Fire back in May at Bloys Campground, a base camp for firefighters has been set up at the Texas Nature Conservancy headquarters on what was known as the Upper Ranch when the McIvor family ran the U Up, U Down Ranch.

This group of six fires is all in those rugged mountains north, west and east of the TNC base camp – with names like 48 Tank Fire, Windmill Fire, Long X Fire, Rincon Fire, Bear Mountain Fire and Jones Fire. The fires likely total something in the 8000 acres neighborhood, although exact estimates were not available at presstime.

At least two of the fires are outside the loop to the north of Sawtooth Mountain.