Presidio officials look to El Paso, a fellow border community, for guidance

PRESIDIO – Presidio’s City Administrator Jose “Joe” Portillo Jr. and Presidio City Attorney Rod Ponton recently met with El Paso Mayor Dee Margo, El Paso City Manager Tommy Gonzalez, and city staff, to discuss how to handle future growth in Presidio. “It is heartening to know that El Paso officials have taken an interest in the future of our city,” said Ponton. By looking to El Paso, the Presidio officials aim to expand its’ border trade and to manage economic growth.

“Although, we have huge differences in population, we have two things in common,” said Portillo. “And that we both have ports of entry.” According to Portillo, El Paso has been able to make their port of entry efficient for crossing, whether it is for agriculture, tourism or emergency services. Portillo would like to replicate their methods to make their city’s border crossing more effective.

The two cities plan to continue and expand this discussion in the future.