World Rodeo Competition takes Presidio Girl to Wyoming

PRESIDIO – Presidio High School student Kelly Baeza Colomo returned to her border town feeling “proud” for having competed in Rock Spring, Wyoming, on July 17 and 19, in a goat tying category representing Mexico via the Mexican Rodeo Federation and High School Rodeo Association.

“I went on to the second round but in the following competition they disqualified me. However, I consider that the fact of having been there is already a prize because it was worldwide and I was able to compete against the best in the world and I feel proud because not many have that opportunity,” commented Baeza.

Kelly also highlighted the thrilling moments she experienced not only while competing in goat tying, but also every time she had the opportunity to sing the Mexican national anthem, and when she had the “great honor” of carrying the Mexican flag mounted on a horse, taking a step forward so that she could sing the Mexican anthem.

“I sang the anthem the first day with a partner from Chihuahua as well as during the rodeo in the afternoon and on Monday, but on Tuesday I sang it by myself. I also had the opportunity to carry the Mexican flag while singing the national anthem. That was very exciting because by carrying the flag and listening to the anthem I realized it was a privilege to represent my country, and next to me were Australia, Canada and the United States. It was very nice although I was nervous because everyone was looking at me when I sang. I never thought I would have the opportunity to carry the flag and to be one of the guest countries motivated me to sing to in representation of Mexico,” said Baeza.

Kelly competed on Tuesday and Thursday of last week and made it to the second round, where she was then eliminated from the competition because according to the rules the goat must remain “secured” or tied for five seconds. Baeza let go of the goat before the estimated time. Despite this, the young woman says she remains in good spirits to continue inside rodeo competitions as well as some of her partners who failed in the same challenge and do not rule out the possibility of competing again.

“As long as I have the possibility and ability to continue in rodeo, I will do it. Another season begins in September and in November is our national competition in Chihuahua. In November we know who will go on to the World Cup in Wyoming, representing Mexico again. I’m going to continue competing from September to November so I hope to be selected again,” said Baeza.

Representing Mexico were only 15 representatives, in their majority men, a reason for which Kelly exalts the work of the women who work arduously to be placed within the categories that previously were related exclusively with the masculine gender.

“This sport is also for women. I rope, I tie, I run barrels, in the United States most women do everything while here in Mexico there were almost no women roping. But over the years women have begun roping and I think I was the first in the state of Chihuahua that entered a federated rodeo in team roping, because in the youth category I was the only woman roping, and as in Chihuahua they barely support ribbon roping, that’s why I was motivated to enter team roping, to continue running and tying, because from there I can do more disciplines that can lead me to something bigger,” said Baeza.

Lastly, the young woman acknowledged her parents who have encouraged and supported her since she was a child.

“I am very grateful to my parents, they are always at training sessions, they are always there correcting me, they always try to take me to the best rodeos and thanks to their support I have reached the best rodeos and had the opportunity to go to my first World Cup and we were the first generation to represent Mexico in a World Cup in the United States, at the high school rodeo competition,” said Kelly.