PISD Teens in Prevention attend Houston conference

HOUSTON – The Teens in Prevention team of the PISD Police Department traveled to Houston this week to participate in the Texas School Safety Center’s Tobacco Free Program.

The purpose of the conference is to promote awareness on the dangers of tobacco products and vaping products which have become popular amongst our youth.

The Teens in Prevention team will share the information they learned at the conference regarding tobacco products with younger Middle School and Elementary school students. “The Teens in Prevention students will be helping us with other awareness programs within the schools such as Emergency Management, Drug Awareness,  Dating Violence, Cyberbullying and Alcohol and Tobacco prevention,” said PISD Chief of Police Joel Nuñez. “These students can make a huge impact as they work side by side with our law enforcement officers,” he added.

The program places strong communication and rapport between law enforcement and the student population to make school safety a group effort. “Our goal is to continue to make school safety a priority and with the introduction of the “Stop It “ app we are a step closer to closing the gap of communication,” Nuñez said