Bourdain’s final ‘Parts Unknown’ episodes to include Far West Texas, northern Mexico

FAR WEST TEXAS – It’s been nearly two months since Anthony Bourdain took his life in France, but the legacy of his hit series “Parts Unknown” will carry on with one last season this Fall. The Globe-trotting food chronicler spent 11 seasons uncovering lesser-known places and exploring their cultures and cuisine on the CNN program. According to the Los Angeles Times, the final season will consist of stops to Kenya, Manhattan’s Lower East Side, the Big Bend area of Texas along the border of Mexico, and the Asturias region of Spain and Indonesia. Bourdain and crew descended on Marfa, south Brewster County, Alpine, and Ojinaga, Chihuahua, Mexico to capture the off-the-beaten-path of area eateries in March. The newspaper says only the trip to Kenya was completed before Bourdain’s death. They say it will be the last to have Bourdain’s written narration. The other locations will be completed by the directors who filmed them for the show production, according to the LA Times. In order to complete the episodes, the production team will use audio of Bourdain gathered while shooting on location and obtain follow-up interviews.