New water taps – residents – reported in Valentine

VALENTINE – The Valentine City Commission met last week, and Commissioner Albert Miller reported that water collections are up and there have been several new connections, according to Also, the city withdrew from a Community Development Block Grant approved earlier in the year for a backup generator in the amount of $275,000. The city’s cost would have been over $6,000. Mayor Summer Webb and Water Commissioner Miller decided that the money would be better spent toward a backup well. It was too late to amend the grant as it had already been reviewed, but the city is eligible to apply in the 2019-2020 cycle without penalty. There are several other grant options available as well both federal and state. And the Ford tractor the city put up in a bid sale this past month was awarded to Bucky Ethridge of Van Horn who offered $905. The next scheduled meeting of the Valentine City Commission is September 19th.