Permit granted for production water well near Alpine

ALPINE – The Brewster County Groundwater Conservation District has voted unanimously to allow the igneous aquifer to be drilled by CSA Materials on Meriwether Ranch near Alpine for a production water well.

The permit allows the company to withdraw 230 acres-feet per calendar year for industrial uses from three wells, one preexisting and two that will need to be drilled.

On July 19, a hearing was conducted to discuss the proposed permit, and the public expressed their concerns. According to Alpine resident, Brandt Buchannan, the room where the hearing was held was at capacity and people were standing outside. “I believe fifty to sixty people gave comment, and only one was in favor, “said Buchannan. “If there is one environmental issue that Alpine residents care about, it is groundwater.”

The vote was tabled at that meeting, and as a result a review was conducted to weigh the potential impact this could have on the aquifer, according to Summer Webb, District General Manager of The Brewster County Groundwater Conservation District.

With the completed review, they reconvened on Thursday, August 16 , and voted to approve the perpetual permit.

“We do not feel the amount of water in the qualified land will have a detrimental effect on the surrounding area,” said Webb.

The wells will be monitored on a quarterly basis to ensure that the water levels have not dipped drastically. Meters will also be attached to the wells and will be checked monthly to keep track of the amount of water that has been drawn.