After dissolving OMB, commissioners court looks to make new hire

MARFA, PRESIDIO COUNTY – The Presidio County Commissioner’s court met on Tuesday, September 11, to discuss their recent decision to dissolve the OMB office, and without a sense of irony the court proposed to implement and fund a new position to resume the duties of the office that they had expunged.

Despite the fact that the pretense to eradicate the office was to cut costs to the budget, the commissioners court apparently has chosen to forget their initial inten – tions.

In addition to budgetary concerns, the auditor, Patty Roach, and treasurer, Frances Garcia, were confident that they could manage the extra workload. Several weeks later, Roach asked to hire a clerical worker to perform data entry of requisitions, and purchase orders. “I think that person could be shared with the treasurer’s office,” she said.

Commissioner Loretto Vasquez who was absent from the discussion, and according to Commissioner Brenda Silva Bentley agreed in advance with any potential out – come, placed the item on the agenda.

“It’s not brain surgery, nothing is permanent,” said Sil – va, who supported the idea of a new hire.

“When we dissolved OMB, it was said that we can do the work, that it’s easy, we don’t need anybody else,” said Judge Cinderela Guevara, who was the only dis – senting voice of the court. “Really, what should have been said was, ‘we will let them go and then we will hire somebody.’”

The other members of the court were quick to repeal her statements by insisting that the money in the audi – tor’s budget would allow them to create a new position.

The amount the commissioners cited is $21,840, which would cover the salary for the position without including the cost of benefits.

Katie Sanchez, who was the director of OMB, was placed in a precarious position, after the motion to dissolve her department was passed several weeks ago, decided to resign and is now the records clerk at the Presidio County jail.

The motion to allocate inventory assets and mileage log duties to the treasurer, as well as grants and pur – chasing duties to the auditor was passed with the poten tial hiring of a clerical position in the future if necessary.

“We are the government, we decide what to do,” said Commissioner Eloy Aranda.