City reminds residents to keep property clean

PRESIDIO – December is a grace period month to mow your vegetation over 12 inches tall on your property from the street to the middle of your alley, the City of Presidio notes.

“We’d love voluntary compliance with city codes,” said Presidio Municipal Development District Director Brad Newton as a gentle reminder that it’s the property owner’s responsibility to keep their yards and lots clean.

Tall grasses and weeds are fire hazards and breeding grounds for varmints, he notes, as well as being unsightly.

Code enforcement will start riding around town January 2019 for properties not in compliance to city code.

If a code violation is found, a citation may be filed with the property owner, giving them 10 days to comply. If not taken care of, a fine may be imposed and a lien placed on the property for the cost of the city to clean the property.

“We don’t want to beat anybody up over this,” Newton said, but compliance is for the betterment of everyone.