Patience is a virtue, sayeth the Jeff Davis County sheriff

FORT DAVIS – Jeff Davis County Sheriff Bill Kitts is a patient man – he’s known for almost three months who the guy was who came roaring around the curve at the courthouse that night in September when 80-odd feet of fencing got wiped out and the driver of the vehicle that did the damage got away.

Kitts knew the night of the wreck that the owner of the car, who reported to 911 that his car had been stolen that evening, was telling a tale not to be believed.

Richard Aguilar, 26 of Fort Davis, is accused of wrecking his car into the fence, catching a ride to his house and then calling 911 to report his car had been stolen. He even came down to the scene of the wreck the night of the incident to identify his car that “someone had stolen and wrecked.”

Cuts and bruises on his face and hands, he told law enforcement, came when he stumbled on his porch as he hurried to get down to the courthouse to identify his stolen vehicle.

But before an arrest could be made, Aguilar had fled somewhere into either Mexico or New Mexico, depending on information of various reports.

Kitts said at the time that a manhunt into either locale was not necessary – that the driver would get into the same kind of trouble again, that it was only a matter of time when he filed the warrant against him back in September.

And this last week it happened – Aguilar was picked up on a Jeff Davis County warrant after being stopped in Odessa by Ector County law enforcement.

Over the weekend, Aguilar was transferred from Ector County to Hudspeth County where he’s under $4,500 bond for two misdemeanor charges – failure to deal with whacking the courthouse fence and filing a false report about the theft of his vehicle.

The first charge is a Class B misdemeanor and the second a Class A – which as Kitts said are unfortunately about the only charges that could be filed although there was a tendency to want to chunk the whole book at a guy who continues to be a problem for law enforcement agencies across West Texas.