Long lines of cars to get to Presidio and Ojinaga during Christmas holiday

Noticias Breves

PRESIDIO – The lines of traffic going into Mexico during the holiday season was “horrible,” according to a Presidio resident.

Vehicles went from the port of entry all the way past Lely Airport north of Presidio and close to the area called Las Pampas. In some cases, people waited three to four hours to cross into Mexico. The traffic lines also created a problem for those persons who weren’t going into Mexico, but rather just going to Presidio.

“I had all deputies assisting, along with Presidio PD and even Presidio Volunteer Firefighters,” said Presidio County Sheriff’s Chief Deputy Joel Nuñez.

He said that the officers were escorting Presidio residents who were not going into Mexico as well as escorting emergency medical situations and the elderly into town.

“We didn’t have any serious issues” he said. “The situation was controlled other than a lot of waiting for people.”

He added that the two-way highway is too narrow to create three lanes, one to Mexico, another to Presidio and the third out of Presidio. “It would have made it dangerous without law enforcement escorts,” he said.

Nuñez was posting traffic updates and video to the PISD Police Department Facebook page to alert travelers of the situation where it attracted thousands of views.