National Park superintendent pens letter to staff amid park reopening

BIG BEND NATIONAL PARK – The Big Bend National Park superintendent, Bob Krumenaker, wrote a note to his staff and park volunteers this week regarding the reopening of the park.

His letter to staff read, “Thank you to the entire staff, including volunteers, for your patience as well as your commitment to getting the park up and fully running once again. Please take things deliberately and look after each other – your safety, and physical and mental health, are our top priorities as we transition to full operations. If something isn’t working according to plan, it’s ok. Ask for help. Let others know what you need. And keep the supervisory chain and other divisions apprised.

It’s ok to be excited. Tired. Burned out. Angry. Resentful. Cynical. Eager to get back to “normal.” Eager to get paid again. Or all of these at the same time. Be good to each other, happy to serve the visitor, and be yourselves. I encourage you to savor this new beginning, and to be mindful. Despite the challenge and frustration of the 35 day shutdown, we now get to do what we came to Big Bend and the NPS to do.”