Brewster County sheriff’s office, BP see surge of immigrants

FAR WEST TEXAS – About 60 migrants from Mexico and Central America have been detained by the Brewster County Sheriff’s Office and the Border Patrol the past week, according to sources.

On Monday evening, sheriff’s deputy Villa detained two individuals at the intersection Sunny Glen Road and Tom Lackey Lane in West Alpine, according to the sheriff’s office Facebook page.

The suspects were Guatemalan citizens, in the country illegally. They were both turned over to immigration officials for prosecution and deportation.

On Sunday night, sheriff’s deputy Arreola apprehended five individuals for trespassing in the Black Gap area in south county, according to the sheriff’s office. The citizens of Mexico, who were in the United States illegally, were referred to immigration officials for prosecution and deportation.

On the evening of Thursday, February 28, sheriff’s deputies Border Patrol agents apprehended 13 Mexican citizens in the southeastern part of the county in the country illegally.

The biggest group was reported by a south county resident who came upon a group of about 40 Guatemalans being detained by Border Patrol agents near the Talley campsites along the river road in Big Bend National Park last Friday.

The Facebook report, including a photo, indicated that the agents were waiting for a bus to take the migrants to an immigration center for processing. The group had been dropped off in Mexico and had made a makeshift campsite waiting to be found. The group included small children, women, one apparently pregnant and an elderly woman. All were without food and water in the 94-degree day, according to Face-book.