What would you do?


By now, many have heard about Jeff Davis County and City of Marfa Attorney Teresa Todd and her run-in with the law the past Wednesday night. She helped three undocumented immigrants from El Salvador who she found on the side of the highway as she was driving to her home in Fort Davis.

The immigrants, two brothers and their sister, had come out of hiding and were asking for help as the sister was in need of medical help.

On many a cold, windy night, I wonder if perhaps there are poor souls out there in the cold, dark night, hungry and looking for shelter.

My imagination continues; if they came and knocked at my door, what would I do? Unwaveringly, every time, the answer is yes, I would let them in, I would feed and shelter them. That is the human thing to do. The Bible says, “For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in, I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison, and you came to visit me.”

It’s at times difficult to uphold God’s laws when society’s laws get in the way.

In this vitriolic and divisive time in our country, the rhetoric of immigrants and immigration laws forgets the human aspect. Each immigrant is a fellow human being, a human who likely traveled hundreds, if not thousands of miles through many dangers and hardships to get to a land where perhaps they can find a job, something we take for granted.

A job to help support their family, perhaps aging and infirmed parents, perhaps brothers and sisters, spouses, children.

Most will never reach that goal. history.” The Grand Old Party; weakened by self-inflicted wounds, was ripe for ‘the touch’. https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/39312362-everything-trump-touches-dies.

On February 26th, in separate House hearings, Dems grilled Big Pharma about the price gouging of lifesaving insulin and Administration officials about the mistreatment of children under “Zero Tolerance”. Exposed in almost daily news cycle regularity is the extent of corruption and we know there’s much, much more.

Reported last November, “… the Department of Defense’s financial records were riddled with so many bookkeeping deficiencies, irregularities, and errors that a reliable audit was simply impossible”, https://www.thenation.com/article/pentagon-audit-budget-fraud/. In answer to: “How are we going to pay for all those Dem proposed Green New Deal, Medicare for all, infrastructure improvements, free college, etc.?” – there it is!

The American house is on fire! Would we act to save a stranger’s house if on fire? Of course we would.

Now, personalize it. A fire doesn’t go out until consuming all the fuel in its path. Trump’s destructive personality disorder consumes everyone and everything in his way!

Take no guff from Crazy Uncle and those in our orbit or be embarrassed to shout “fire for a troubled nation”. Be well-versed. Document any of Trump’s, his crime family, Administration’s and private associates’ numerous wrongs.

We live in a transformative moment. History records Robert Welch, counsel for the Army during the Army-McCarthy hearing, “Have you no sense of decency, sir? At long last, have you left no sense of decency?” rhetorical question, https://www.u-s-history.com/pages/h1769.html, and Watergate Hearings Sen. Howard Baker’s important query “What did the president know and when did he know it?”, https://www.britannica.com/event/Watergate-Scandal.

Exposing the rot was necessary. We needed a good, hard look in the mirror for operating without character and integrity in our personal, family, social, business, political secular and religious institutions.

How long or difficult the process will be is unknown. Known is worldly and spiritual consequences for walking a darkened path or aiding and abetting others nefarious ways.

At the heart of this is an opportunity to recover our souls! It will manifest from a position of character and integrity and by keeping our America-loving shoulders to the wheel.

My dad always said: “With the dawn comes the Light”. There are many brighter days on the horizon! Have faith – and accomplish works.

Rev. Barry Abraham Zavah