National Crime Victims’ Rights Week

PRESIDIO – “By breaking the silence and using their rights, victims are ending the cycle of abuse.” That is why Jaime Plummer, through his volunteering, and Ivette Lujan, assistant to victims of Presidio County, invited the community to participate in National Crime Victims´ Rights Week.

It is well known that cases of abuse are rarely or never reported and for this reason it is important to change these patterns and turn to organizations such as Presidio County Victim Assistance (PCVA), which offers the right help.

“We are promoting this week, although there are almost no cases reported if we know there is domestic violence, child abuse, and there are many crimes that unfortunately happen,” said Lujan.

On this occasion, PCVA highlighted its vision based on supporting all victims via the Presidio County community with the participation of community leaders, organizations and local partners as an essential way to provide protection to victims.

“We try to refer them to the corresponding agency to break the cycle of violence, and this week we are focused on going to places and offering information to our community so that they know where to go and move forward,” said Lujan.

The Presidio County institutions are trained to “stop the abuse” and in this way support the victim through the confidentiality of the case. However, many of the victims hope that over time the situation will be solved on its own or simply put aside in their lives, and in contrast it is a common evil that consumes many people no matter where they are.

“Many times they think that it does not happen because it is a quiet place, but it is important that the abuse be reported, the worst accomplice of abuse is silence because it gives power and force to those actions that are reprehensible to any person within a society,” said Lujan.