Mural by famous Austin artist pops up in Alpine

ALPINE – Another mural is underway on Murphy Street here in what seems to be a fl urry of new murals recently.

Liz Sibley commissioned Kerry Awn of Spicewood near Austin to paint a mural on the west wall of The Studio, which now is a bed and breakfast.

“We are using the [seven-foot-tall] Bill Worrell graveside marker for [her father-in-law] D.J. at the family cemetery in the Glass Mountains as inspiration,” she said. “Bill Worrell is actually constructing a buzzard sculpture that we will attach to D.J.’s marker in honor of Jane eventually out at the ranch.”

Jane Dunn Sibley died May 22 in Austin at age 95. Liz Sibley said Awn has an art car hood he painted in the back yard of the Studio and another mural at Railroad Park.

“He’s leaving his mark on our community,” she said.

“The [new] mural will show earth, sky, day and night,” Awn told the Big Bend Sentinel and Presidio International. “The shaman and a century plant are on the left, a buzzard overhead and ocotillo on the right.”

A real ocotillo is growing just next to the painting which Awn said “will give it a 3-D effect.

“I have known Liz since she was a teenager,” he said. He knew her before he knew her husband Hiram Sibley.

“I also painted a Hood,” he said. It’s out in back.”

Fellow artist Jon Suffi cool of Alpine created the car hood concept.

“Mine is a fi rebird,” Awn said. “Remember the Firebird car? Tom Curry [who lives next door to The Studio] suggested that I give it to El Cosmico.

That’s their mascot.”

Awn said he mostly is a painter now after an earlier career in show business.

“I’ve done a number of murals in Austin,” he said. “That’s what people want.

“Mine here will face one by Style Read,” he said. That mural is on the east wall of The Bottle House, the next building to the west.

“They are very different,” he said. “Mine will be kind of psychedelic.”

Awn’s earlier life was as an entertainer.

“I was part of Ester’s Follies a long time ago,” he said. “I was in theater, a stand-up comic.

“Now I just paint,” he said. “I quit or maybe they quit me. Now I just shut up and paint.”