Renovations will close Balmorhea State Park again

A swimmer jumps into the natural spring fed pool at Balmorhea State Park. (photo by Sarah M. Vasquez)

BALMORHEA – Balmorhea State Park will close its doors for six months beginning September 3, 2019 to install a new septic system. The natural springfed pool and campground is not slated to reopen until March 1 next year, according to Park Superintendent Carolyn Rose.

“It’s completely replacing the septic system for the entire park. It’s about 50 acres, all of that underneath the entire park will be replaced,” Rose said. Asked what prompted the repairs, Rose said simply, “Eighty years.” The park was built back in the 1930s, and the septic system and drain fields are failing due to heavy use.

The park previously shut down in May of 2018 for structural repairs to the pool, completely shuttering its doors during the busy summer season. Rose said, “We are closing after Labor Day so that people are able to enjoy the park during the summer. We knew we had to replace the septic system,” but they chose to delay the project start until the off-peak season.

As a compromise, “We decided that we would close the showers this summer, because our system couldn’t handle the water from the showers.” The San Solomon Springs Courts, where visitors can book a room to stay, are still under construction with no reopening date scheduled, and the campgrounds are currently closed as well.