August 29 Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

Congress, like city and county governments, is supposed to adhere to a constitutional form of government of checks and balances in their leadership role. Abuse of power is the result of complacency and political favor is beyond legal opinion. Special interests prevail over public interests when leadership fails to implement decisions for the health, safety and welfare of all human beings in a community. First of all, any management position be kept under advice and consent of council and City Charter, if not history repeats itself in mismanagement.

A few thoughts to share:

  1. Was a resolution passed to announce the position of City Manager in the newspaper?
  2. Was this position announced on the Texas Municipal League Website? (Has this Council given the opportunity for other candidates to apply? Several at the last council meeting expressed a desire to “keep it local” which basically shuts the door on potential candidates with an expertise in management and economic development, desperately needed in Alpine. If we fail to “think outside the box” for these positions, we have failed in leadership and are influenced by political favor beyond legal opinion and preference beyond principle.

In closing, my experience with city managers has been evidenced by selective hearing on the issues, not releasing documents upon Texas Public Information Requests, Fast-Tracking Annexation and Developments with improprieties evidenced. At the end of the day, when confronting these issues and questioning the improprieties, I was labeled as “attacking city staff” and asked are you coming to “mess up my meeting” by these managers. Attend the Public Open Forum on Sept. 3rd at City Hall at 5:30pm. It’s your right to know everything.

Oscar Cobos


Dear Editor,

See You in Marfa

(a poem)

If you’re tired of the insanity where you currently reside…

Bring it with you to Marfa; this is where insanity thrives.

Leave your humility at home, for this trip you will need something less gauche.

There will be no time for patience besides; it is preposterous waiting so long for coffee and toast.

Your hubris, unless it is off the rails, travels comfortably on a passenger train.

Distaste fits in an overhead compartment or under your seat when traveling by plane.

Vanity is priceless; look there in the mirror, how lovely yours matches.

And don’t worry about the cost of your stay, that’s the least of your worries today… trust me, it will be a pleasant surprise without any catches.

Taxpayers pray for an end to the worship of idols and he with properties and titles that pay little taxes.

They work — he relaxes.

That’s correct Sir… it’s 501 with a dash…

Don’t forgot a duffle; it’s perfect for dirty undies and smuggling all that cash!!

Mark N. Davis


Dear Editor,

Most of us know that arguing politics or religion with someone is most likely a waste of time.  Even the submission of easily proved facts or statistics which contradict someone’s core beliefs would probably be ignored or, these days, called fake news.

So, just for fun, I’ve decided to challenge all the politically engaged readers of the Sentinel to identify the speaker/author of the following quotes which were made only days ago on national television.  Hint: the quotes are from a 2020 presidential candidate.

Here goes: “He’s unfit.  He lies every time he opens his mouth.  He’s nuts.  He’s erratic.  He’s cruel.  He stokes bigotry.  He’s incompetent.  He’s a bully and he’s a coward and somebody has to call him out.  He is tweeting us into a recession.  He will tweet us into a war.  He’s not capable of being decent.  He’s setting a horrible example for millions and millions of American children every day.”  And finally: “We have somebody in the White House who is not fit to be president.  Everybody knows that.”

I’m sure everyone knew almost instantaneously who “he” is in the quotes.  The question, though, is who is the pinko socialist Democrat who is saying all these horrible things about our beloved Dear Leader?  Sorry to tell the diehard Republicans out there but the man quoted is former Tea Party/far right/GOP Congressman Joe Walsh of Illinois who announced that he plans to announce that he will run against Trump in the Republican primaries.  (I know that last part sounds pretty convoluted, but I think that’s what he said.)

So as the number of primary challengers to Trump increases exponentially; we are now at two, and the grand total of elected Republicans who publicly reject his suitability to be the leader of the country, much less the leader of the free world as some still claim, has grown to what?  Four?

Well, the reality is, still, the inability of some 80 percent of Republicans to comprehend the facts; and that Joe Walsh is absolutely correct with every one of his quotes.

Fred Gossien


Dear Editor,

This past weekend, the Marfa Disc Golf group was evicted from abandoned Marfa city property.

It was a very sad time for these young men, who dedicated a little over a year now to cleaning and creating a course for anyone and everyone to play on.

There were some neighbors who complained about property damage. That could not be proved. There were boundary disputes – but to my knowledge everything was laid out according to the boundary lines designated by the city.

There were people who attended the meeting that have no property near the course and added to the complaints against these young men.

While I know they may have not been as polite or correct in their behavior, at this meeting they were only trying to share their passion for the game, bring something back to the community, and trying to give Marfa’s youth something positive to become a part of. They have had a couple of tournaments bring in small revenue, but were still at the early stage.

One entry fee for a tournament was canned goods which were given to the local food bank.

These young men are not there every day, just a couple of times a month, and sometimes it’s just a work or clean up day.

Bradley, we are proud of your efforts. May this not defeat you. Perhaps another door will open and you can continue to bring a new sport to Marfa.

To all those people who helped get them started, a big thank you, and I hope you don’t see your contribution as being in vain.

Linda and Buddy Knight


Dear Editor,

With both federal and private facilities, Big Spring is a community that is sometimes referred to as “a prison city.”  This summer we learned that in the near future, citizens will be in for quite a surprise.

During the latter part of June, a friend took her two horses to the Big Spring Veterinary Diagnostic Hospital on the east side of Big Spring.  While there, she engaged in conversation with a man named Ira.  As their talk continued, she learned that he was the contractor for the expansion underway at the vet facility.  After he added that he was overseeing the renovation of the old National Guard Armory on the west side of town, he informed her that its new purpose would be as an ICE Detention Center.  The cost to gut the armory, renovate, build holding facilities for overnight stays, and address security, utilities, and communication needs would be $8,000,000.

Since I serve on the Planning & Zoning Commission for the city of Big Spring, this friend will often call to inquire about different items to be considered on our agendas.  With the information she had gained from Ira, she wondered early in July if it would come before P&Z since it was already “half done.”  She added that she had also called the new mayor, Shannon Thomason.

Sensing the importance of this information, my husband and I went downtown to verify it.  Assisting and guiding P&Z meetings, Roxanne Johnston, City Planner, fortunately was in her office.  After telling her how I had gained this information, she confirmed that it was correct.  (Editor’s note: Johnston declined to comment to The Big Bend Sentinel). The renovation would not require the services of P&Z because its location on the zoning maps reflects “government” and has immunity from “specific use permits” and other requirements.

Now it is August, and to my knowledge there have been no mention of this activity by local media (radio stations or TV Channels 7 & 9), the Big Spring Herald, Midland Reporter-Telegram, or city officials.  With an ICE Detention Center being created within an old National Guard Armory in West Texas, it seems plausible that it would be considered newsworthy for the general public.  Instead, it is a well-kept secret.

Bebe McCasland
Big Spring


Dear Editor,

I have resided in Marfa for 12 years. I work in the film industry and have worked in the music industry. I have experience with events of this kind. Both working on them and attending them. My music clients have included Alice Cooper, Blondie, The Beatles’ Apple Corp and many more. I also worked on the release of the film WOODSTOCK. I am convinced it will benefit just a few for a short time and do real harm to our beautiful land and critters in the long term.

I support the formation of a nonpartisan and nonbinding workgroup to include citizens and county officials that is neither for nor against any specific applicant, including C3 Presents. This group is to assist the County Judge and County Commissioners in the development of thorough applications for mass gatherings and outdoor music festivals. The express aim is to ensure each application is designed to include all necessary information needed to inform decision makers as they make considerations. Please support this discussion with action agenda item at the Commissioners Court Meeting on September 4, 2019.

Carolyn Pfeiffer