Water officials to hold public meeting in Presidio

PRESIDIO — With fracking now underway in Presidio County, the Presidio County Underground Water Conservation District (PCUWCD) is inviting locals in Presidio to attend a town hall meeting about groundwater on Thursday, October 10, at 6:30pm at the Presidio Activity Center in Presidio, Texas.

The event, entitled “Do You Care About Your Water? Learn How to Protect It Better,” will focus on plans by the PCUWCD to coordinate full protection of the municipal water supply. Presidio City Councilmember Rogelio Zubia requested the event, according to the district.

PCUWCD has worked for several months to bring the City of Presidio into its fold, which could help protect water wells. Presidio City Council is interested in joining, but PCUWCD says they want to give residents a chance to be involved in the decision-making.

The meeting will primarily focus on protecting Presidio’s water supply (including local water wells) as much as possible. But the meeting will also cover basics of the water cycle and give residents an opportunity to learn more about PCUWCD and its work.

Anyone with questions about the event can contact the district at 432-295-2568.