Volunteer Fire Department honored in Presidio

PRESIDIO – “We have a great appreciation for the work carried out by the firefighters in our community,” said Rogelio Zubia, Presidio city council board member, during a brief but moving ceremony in the Presidio Public Library on October 18.

Members of the Volunteer Fire Department arrived in two fire trucks, wearing their uniforms, and then made their entrance in the library where they listened to Zubia recite a poem in which he highlighted the courage of their duty.

“Thank you for all that you do, and thank you to Carmen Elguezabal, Library Director, and her team for dedicating this afternoon so that this institution may not be taken for granted,” said Zubia.

Elguezabal gave each firefighter present a certificate of recognition with their names printed on it and organized a feast to liven the celebration.

“As public officials on this border, we recognize the arduous work you do in the community. Thus we dedicate this space to awarding a diploma which, although simple, we hope will motivate you in knowing that your efforts are valued,” shared Elguezabal. “I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the Ojinaga firefighters who, on some occasions, have worked jointly with our firefighters as we must not forget that we are one border and they are a key factor to the safety of both cities.”

Firefighters not only stand out for their work in putting out fires, they are also experts handling dangerous materials and rescuing people, among many other skills, resulting in a job which, at times, puts their lives at great risk.

“We are sometimes unaware of the magnitude of the rescuers, who carry out heroic work in our city,” stated Elguezabal.