November 7 Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

I would like to express my gratitude to the five cyclists who braved freezing temperatures and 10+ mph headwinds during the morning hours of the Century Triangle Ride on Saturday morning. Thanks to riders Hal Chamberlain, Mike Murphy, Julian Wheat, Scott Del Vecchio and Albert Bork. I’d also like to thank Chris Avedon and Steve Kennedy for offering to SAG (support and gear.) Special thanks Sarah Vasquez for her dedication and the willingness to document the whole affair! Finally last, but certainly not least, thanks to Cow Dogs’ Alan and Kelly for their support and for offering our participants free hotdogs!

David Lanman

Marfa, TX


Dear Editor,

Blundering Untrustworthy President

After President Erdogan of Turkey spoke to President Trump, an inept decision was made by Trump to pull our military forces from northern Syria. This allowed Turkey to invade and attack the Kurds.

Syrian Kurds have been loyal allies of U.S. armed forces since 2015 when they helped to clear ISIS from Syria at a significant cost to themselves. The Turkish invasion and displacement of the Kurds has allowed some ISIS prisoners to escape from prisons guarded by the Kurds, and it appears ISIS could make a comeback in Syria.

Trump’s desertion of the Kurds led to the signing of a defense pact between the Kurds and President Assad of Syria. Now Syrian, Iranian and Russian military forces occupy northern Syria.

Trump abandoned the Kurds, thereby creating additional instability in the Middle East, and he enhanced Syrian and Russian status in the region. Other U.S. allies around the world are questioning the trustworthiness of the U.S. under Trump, who tweets uninformed and irrational foreign policy based on his lack of knowledge. Trump threatens our national security by creating problems in the world which have far reaching long term adverse implications.

Donald Moskowitz

Former Navy Enlisted and Officer

Londonderry NH 


Dear Editor,

I joined the happy crowd at the train track to see “Big Boy” the steam train the other afternoon. The sense of happiness and community was palpable.  It made me wish that Marfa had more events like this.

I recently attended the Halloween city council meeting. I want to address one of the agenda items. Stephen Boelter spoke about a project to build a disc golf course on a piece of city property in Marfa that had fallen into disuse. Stephen is not the original promoter of disc golf, this is the new guy. His group has cleaned up the trash that had been dumped there, has cleared some branches from the dam area and has basically worked to improve the lot. His lease had recently been revoked due to some complaints of bad behavior. I am not clear who the people were, and no names were named. The city council listened to all parties in a fair and patient manner in my opinion. There were two neighbors in attendance who did not like the new park and wanted their empty lot back. The city decided to renew the lease for the temporary period of 3 months and to check back at that time. They said that bad behavior can happen, disc golf or not, and that it is a police matter, not the fault of the lease holders. The city also decided to install some signage with rules about no drinking, no trash dumping, etc. Stephen has also generously offered to put a “porta potty” on site using his own money.

I think the disc golf park is a win-win situation. They clean up a trashy lot, and we have a sports area for all of Marfa to use. Stephen would like to eventually involve Marfa school kids in this sport, which is free and open to the public. Also the discs are affordable.

I went over to see it with my own eyes and found it really nice. It is off to the west of Austin Street – as you walk to Mimms Ranch, it is about one lot further in to the west. It was neat and tidy, grounds cared for, not a piece of trash in sight. The disc baskets were set up here and there, hopefully somewhere there is a map of the course and some rules for play. It’s a good start and perhaps it will grow into something that the youth of Marfa can enjoy. It is a chance for a healthy outdoor activity for the town. This group is working with zero funding, so we need to be patient and see if a good thing can happen here. Word is that people are already visiting our new disc golf park from Alpine, Fort Stockton and other disc golf locales. Disc golf is a world-wide sport. I have never played it in my life, and I have no motive for writing other than to share my opinion.

Thank you,

Mary Lou Saxon

Marfa, TX


Dear Editor,

Message Delivered!

The light of reality finally penetrated the bubble of arrogance isolating Trump and his supporters. Hearing a World Series crowd chanting “Lock him up!” also informed the nation.
MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” found it “disrespectful.” Excuse me? Disrespect the King of Disrespect? Is that possible? No, that’s not Hillary whining. Overly-sensitive Trump and free speech critics melted like Snowflakes.
Contrast four years of Trump’s “Lock her up!” disinformation campaign over nothing burger emails, turned into a MAGA rally blood sport. He’s targeted women, immigrants, Muslims, a Gold Star family, a disabled reporter, Republicans – even Fox when failing his narcissistic expectations. Years earlier, Trump’s nasty side pursued the Central Park 5 and birther conspiracy theory with similar venomous intensity.
I understand feeling bad. Difficult times try our souls. But it isn’t a matter of “two wrongs make a right.” First Amendment protected speech was communicated directly to our employee! That’s the distinction, Joe and Mika.
People spoke truth to power during America’s pastime. We’re not alone. Others feel disgusted with Trumpism.
What else could be more patriotic than booing something foul? Politically correct message delivered, Mr. President – in the strike zone!

Sincerely yours, 
Rev. Barry Abraham Zavah