Presidio seeks input in city planning efforts

PRESIDIO — City planners are encouraging community members to come to a meeting this week on the future of Presidio city.

The meeting is Thursday, November 21, from 6 to 8 p.m. at the Presidio Activity Center at 1400 East O’Reilly Street. The meeting will feature Cecilia Giusti, an assistant professor of architecture at Texas A&M University, who will listen to input from residents on parks, the local economy, infrastructure like roads and more.

The meeting is important, said Vicky Carrasco, because it’s part of the first comprehensive planning effort for the city in 20 years. Carrasco is working on the project as part of Kleinman Consultants, a local firm that is helping the city in its planning efforts.

Giusti has previously worked on planning and economic issues in colonias and border cities, Carrasco said. She said the meeting Thursday would focus on community dialogue and hearing input from residents.