Rodeo with no borders

CHIHUAHUA STATE — Junior Kelly Baeza, student of Presidio High School, is an example of perseverance, determination, resolution and tenacity. Since Baeza was seven years old, she started to participate in rodeos focusing in barrel racing.

She won her first rodeo when she was ten years old, and one year after that, she won her first buckle. But not all was easy: when Baeza was thirteen years old, a tragedy happened. Baeza was practicing like any normal day, when the horse started to buck. She resisted, so as to not fall down, which may not have exactly been the best decision. Baeza hurt her back so badly, some people thought that she wouldn’t be able to compete anymore.

However, Baeza is an example of determination – she had her mind set to never give up. Since then she has qualified for the state finals in Chihuahua nine times, qualified four times at Mexico’s national rodeo, and is a two-time world finalist representing Mexico.

Last year, Baeza was Miss Rodeo Chihuahua, and she also competed to be Miss Rodeo Mexico. In the latter competition, she came in second place because the judges took off points due to her not being a Mexican citizen. The judges told her that she lost by two points – exactly the two points that were taken off for being a U.S. citizen.

“Nothing about rodeo is easy at all, but I have to say that I’m extremely proud of myself, and I’m so happy for all my accomplishments. I have to say that without the support of my parents, none of these would be possible, also I want to thank all my friends who have always been supporting me at all my victories and defeats.” Kelly said.

Kelly attended the Mexican’s Nationals 2019 in Chihuahua, Mexico November 5-10, 2019. In goat tying, she got 6th place, and in breakaway roping, 8th place. She also passed on her title of “Miss Rodeo Chihuahua 2019.”

“Even if the results were not what I expected, I’m so happy for being in the top 10. However, I still have a big opportunity to go to the World Rodeo Finals in Nebraska, where I will be competing against cowgirls from Canada, United States and Australia to defend my title of Mexican Champion” Kelly Baeza said.

If anyone is interested in sponsoring Kelly Baeza for the World Rodeo Finals, please contact Jesus Baeza (coach) at 432-381-4671 or Kelly Baeza 432-248-5889.