December 19 Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor:

The Friends of the Big Bend Ranch State Park wish to extend their thanks to all the wonderful community members of Presidio and neighboring areas for their participation in the “Posada at Fort Leaton” that was held this past weekend. A healthy serving of tamales, hot chocolate and Christmas cookies left a smile on everyone’s face, from the youngest toddler to our most senior visitor. We hope to continue this tradition for many years to come.

A very special expression of gratitude is due to the businesses and individuals of Presidio who helped us subsidize this event with their generous contributions.

Financial Contributions: Luis Armendariz, Harper Hardware, Rohana Auto Service,1st Presidio Bank, Ft. Davis State Bank, Brad Newton and Martha Stafford.

Door Prizes: Auto Zone, Alse Misc. Store, True Value, Merced E. Ornelas, Dollar Tree and Ueta

Supplies and Treat Bags: Porter’s Thriftway, HEB and Dollar Tree

We’d also like to express our deep gratitude for those who donated their time and talents to make the Posada possible: Mariachi Frontera Azul and their director, Molly Rodriguez; students of Presidio Independent School District; the St. Theresa de Jesus Choir; Jose Elguezabal for the use of Dusty the donkey; David Long for playing Santa Claus; Presidio County Sheriff’s Office for providing traffic control and Dan Graber with First Baptist Church – Presidio for the opening prayer.

Fort Leaton and the Big Bend Ranch State Park are open year round, with the exception of December 25, for your enjoyment — please come visit us in the New Year!

With best wishes for a happy holiday,

Martha Stafford, Executive Director, CDRG/Friends Group

Anne Adkins, Board Chair, CDRG/Friends Group


Dear Editor,

“Fact” noun: “A thing that is known or proved to be true.”

Fact, or not? Numerous Trump associates are indicted and convicted criminals. Deep State conspiracy fabricating Trump University chicanery, tapes of his Access Hollywood misogynistic comments and mocking a disabled reporter?
Fact, or not? Trump ordered federal employees not to testify and withheld documents from House committees, obstructing Congressional oversight responsibilities and enumerated impeachment process. A president has no Constitutional right to stonewall. Claiming he “did nothing wrong,” is royalist arbitrary, authoritarian despotism, rejected by colonial patriots and the Founding Fathers.
Fact, or not? Trump and MAGA firebrands talk of civil war if impeached or not re-elected. Political violence won’t serve the nation.
Trump and base’s 1-size- fits-all “fake news” response is intellectually lazy, dishonest and irresponsible. However, what his supporters believe; notwithstanding his constant obfuscation, denials and reversals of positions, isn’t a substitute for easily verified information.
We may differ over the importance of a fact, but how is an assertion evaluated? We learn to believe what we see and hear by testing life experiences. Jury instructions on “direct and circumstantial evidence” and “credibility” stress the role of common sense.
Fact: More than 1060 days since inauguration, thoughtful people know better than to believe a serial liar and career Grifter!

Sincerely yours,
Rev. Barry Abraham Zavah
Alpine, TX