Union Pacific construction east of Marfa extends rail track

MARFA – Union Pacific is expanding the rail siding along Highway 90 east of Marfa, before the Marfa Lights viewing area. The current siding is 8,900 feet long, but Union Pacific representative Raquel Espinoza says they are working to expand the length to 15,000 feet.

Work on this project started in November, and Espinoza says Union Pacific does not have an exact date for completion, but she says the company is aiming for this to be done in February.

Currently, contracted workers through ACC Construction Company are grading the area and leveling the ground. Travelers between Marfa and Alpine may have noticed the temporary building now situated on the north side of Highway 90 that serves as an office.

Espinoza said that this expansion allows the railroad to operate longer trains.

If there are two trains scheduled along the same train track, one train has to go into the rail siding to wait for the other train to pass. At this time, the space on Highway 90 only allows for a train up to 8,000 feet.