Voter registration events coming to Presidio County and beyond

PRESIDIO COUNTY — Over the next couple weeks, volunteers will be out in full force in Presidio County to help people get registered to vote before the registration deadline on Monday, February 3.

First, there’s the Voter Promoters, a local group from Ft. Davis that’s pushing to expand voter registration in the tri-county area. And then there are VDRs — short for volunteer deputy registrars — who are certified and appointed by the county to help residents complete voter registration paperwork before the Democratic and Republican primaries on Tuesday, March 3. Both groups are made up of unpaid volunteers and are not affiliated with any political party.

Several registration drives have already been scheduled for the tri-county area, with more details to be announced. Registrars were at the Marfa Nutrition Center on Wednesday and will be back at The Sentinel on Thursday (today!) starting at 7:30 a.m.

Presidio County residents can also register at the tax assessor office at the Presidio County courthouse (in Marfa) or at the county annex office (in Presidio). Local city libraries (including in Marfa and Presidio) will also have information and forms available.

Several Marfa businesses are also helping the efforts, including The Sentinel, The Get Go, Frama, Do Your Thing Coffee and the Wrong Gallery. More registration events are scheduled throughout the tri-county, from Fort Davis to Terlingua.