Local students volunteer in Presidio/Ojinaga with Key Club

PRESIDIO — During times like these, it really takes heart to put yourself behind the needs of others and even to try to walk in their shoes. It takes compassion, leadership, trust, commitment and true desire to make your community a better place one step at a time. This is what the Presidio Key Club is about. This group of teens that range from sophomores to seniors in high school and Mrs.Galindo’s kids, Eliud and Alexis Galindo, do just that. They dedicate their  efforts, their finances and sweat as well as time away from family, friends and school to engage in community service projects that truly help individuals and animals.

The Presidio Key Club was established in April of 2019. The group previously named ¨Leaders of Presidio¨ used this name only while they waited to get chartered in by the Kiwanis International Organization. Since the start, this group has helped with numerous activities, including decorating the high school hallways and hosting pep rallies that recognized the hard work of all students involved under the leadership of Mr. Santos Luján, the previous high school principal.

Among the many activities the team has engaged in, the members teamed up with Luciá Valles, currently a third grader at Presidio Elementary, and her Teletón fundraiser in which they helped to raise more than $700.00 for two consecutive years. The team visited the Centro de Rehabilitacion Infantil Teleton in Chihuahua last year to understand what exact services were given to these children in this institution, and to understand what Luciá’s family and their commitment to this organization is all about. Club members saw the rehabilitation services offered to many families at no cost to them, with highly qualified individuals and the best that technology has to offer. The experience allowed the group to shake hands with employees and directors, and to pledge their support year after year.

The Presidio Key Club collects nonperishable items each week that can be delivered to Don David who lives in dire situations in our neighboring community of Ojinaga. Don David is a senior in his 70s that lives alone, and whose house is made up of cloths and boards. Never has the group arrived to find his home warm and cozy. On visits to the senior’s home, the group has seen that living without electricity and under this weather creates a state of emergency for Don David, and as much aid as can be given to the senior is appreciated.

The team has delivered blankets, socks, water and nonperishable foods that Don David can consume from week to week. There are efforts by locals in Ojinaga to, in the near future, build Don David a functional small home. In the meantime, the team does their best to keep Don David company and to keep him from starving.

One final activity to be mentioned at present time, is the club´s effort to also keep the City of Presidio’s stray animals in a clean environment. The team recently visited the Presidio Animal Shelter and cleaned up the caged areas, swept and mopped the floors and tidied up the backyard area so that dogs could have plenty of space to run and play. To leave the shelter animals happy, the team interacted with the dogs and cats. Mr. Hernandez does an excellent job of maintaining these animals and keeping the facility visitor-friendly so that animals may get adopted.

The Presidio Key Club is composed of teenagers that host weekly meetings, vote upon activities and procedures, and together leave a mark in the lives of the people they have the honor of working for. They are truly a family. Adriana Galindo, a teacher and club advisor, is proud of the work they produce. ¨This is a beautiful group of young leaders that want to give back to their community. They are dedicated, positive, trustworthy, and they deserve the world,” Galindo said. “These teens speak so greatly about the upbringing they have received from their parents –– one of respect, courage and commitment. I am truly honored to work with such talented leaders and shapers of tomorrow. And I thank their parents for trusting that they are in good hands. Once again, I am absolutely honored to work with such powerful youth.¨

Karla Padilla is a Presidio High School student and member of the PHS Key Club.